Chick-Fil-A Employee Goes Viral With Video Showing How Chicken Nuggets Are Made

The viral TikTok video of the week shows how Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets are made, and it is surprisingly tame. Considering the horror stories associated with many behind-the-scenes fast food processes, Chick-fil-A's nugget-making recipe is a bit reassuring for frequent customers. Some users speculated that that may be why the video went viral.

The clip comes from TikTok user dxxdxx7, who is presumably a Chick-fil-A employee. They filmed the process of chopped up chicken being dunked in a "milk wash," coated in a breading and seasoning mixture, then dropped into an oil fryer. They did not show any unsavory aspects like thawing frozen materials or sticking their hands into raw meat. All in all, viewers were pleased with the video, which has now racked up over 13 million views relatively quickly.

"Real chicken? Big flex," one commenter joked on TikTok. Another wrote: "Honestly I was scared to watch this because these nuggets are life!! But I am so relieved they are actually made from scratch!"
User dxxdxx7 promised to post more behind-the-scenes Chick-fil-A content in the future, having already shared a few other glimpses of the kitchen. One belatedly popular video shows employees experimenting with "secret" spicy nuggets.

Many commenters called on McDonald's and other fast food chains to post similar videos, particularly McDonald's. Some discussed the chain's distinctive McNugget shapes, guessing that they can't possibly be made from raw chicken in the same way.

Other commenters criticized Chick-fil-A more generally, remarking on the company's stances on LGBTQ+ customers over the years. They vowed not to patronize the restaurant chain no matter how the chicken nuggets are made as a form of protest against those policies.

Still, many companies are protective of their proprietary practices, particularly those that employ teenagers, such as fast food restaurants. Some are enforcing strict new rules about social media use on the job, and a post like this could put someone's job on the line.


On the other hand, social media has given some workers a platform to speak out about unjust treatment in the workplace. For example, in August another Chick-fil-A employee took to TikTok with a story about being fired for her posts on the platform. She claimed she was let go for sharing "menu hacks" on TikTok, helping customers spend less money and get their favorite seasonal items any time of year.

So far, Chick-fil-A has not responded publicly to the new viral video, and the original poster has not made any updates on the company's reaction.