Burger King Giving Away Free Whoppers Across US Locations

Burger King launched another free Whopper promotion on Thursday. The fast food chain has begun airing a commercial with a QR code. Once you scan the code with your smartphone, you will get a free Whopper with your next purchase on the Burger King app. Burger King has been at the forefront of free food deals during the coronavirus pandemic, and this is just its latest.

The new promotion began on Thursday, reports Delish. While the commercial teasing a free Whopper was uploaded on YouTube, the code in the clip will not unlock the promotion. You have to scan the code shown during the commercial on television. The free Whopper is only available through purchases on the Burger King app and for non-delivery orders. That means you will have to leave your house to pick up the order. The company is also limiting the number of free Whoppers to 10,000, so you have to be quick to redeem the deal.

This is not the first free food deal Burger King has launched in recent weeks. Earlier this month, the chain began sharing complicated puzzles on its Facebook page. Students who solved the puzzles could enter the answer on the Burger King app as a promo code for a free Whopper with the purchase of another menu item. The last day for that promotion was April 20.

Other fast food chains have launched free food promotions, as they remain open for carry-out, drive-thru and delivery orders during the coronavirus pandemic. For example, Wendy's offered free four-piece chicken nugget orders on Friday, with no purchase necessary. Taco Bell also offered free tacos on Tuesdays earlier this month.

Burger King's main rival McDonald's launched a "Thank You Meals" campaign, offering free meals for health care workers and first responders through May 5. The meals are delivered in Happy Meal boxes and can be picked up in the store or at drive-thrus.


"While the majority of America is staying home, McDonald's has remained open, with our franchisees and hardworking restaurant employees serving hot meals to communities who need quick and affordable options, especially those on the frontlines such as healthcare workers and first responders," McDonald's said in a statement earlier this week. "The company is grateful for the ongoing dedication and commitment of McDonald's employees who enable McDonald's to stay open to serve our communities during these challenging times."