Wendy's Offering Free Chicken Nuggets This Weekend in Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

After Wendy's offered free chicken nuggets on Friday in response to dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, they are offering customers send their loved ones a free 10-piece nugget deal with delivery fee by ordering through Postmates, this weekend only. Like most restaurant chains, Wendy's locations are still operating, as customers can pick up food or order it for delivery. Some restaurants have launched offers for free menu items for all customers, while others have offered to help health care workers with specials.

Wendy's deal will be available for all customers. "It's your turn to make it rain nugs," the restaurant chain tweeted in a video shared Saturday. One person asked Wendy's if they can order spicy nuggets with the deal, and their quick response was "yep."

Wendy's is not the first fast-food chain to offer free food in an effort to attract customers during the coronavirus shutdown. Last week, Taco Bell offered free tacos on Tuesday. Starting on Wednesday and continuing through May 5, McDonald's is offering free "Thank You Meals" for first responders and health care workers. The meals will be offered in Happy Meal boxes and can be picked up at the drive-thru or for take out.

"While the majority of America is staying home, McDonald's has remained open, with our franchisees and hardworking restaurant employees serving hot meals to communities who need quick and affordable options, especially those on the frontlines such as healthcare workers and first responders," McDonald's said in a statement on Tuesday. "The company is grateful for the ongoing dedication and commitment of McDonald's employees who enable McDonald's to stay open to serve our communities during these challenging times."

On Thursday, President Donald Trump said he may extend social distancing guidelines until early summer or even beyond, to help slow the coronavirus spread. "We may, and we may go beyond that," Trump said, reports CNBC. "We're going to have to see where it is... I think people are going to know just out of common sense. At some point, we won't have to do that. But until we feel safe, we're going to be extending."


As the coronavirus pandemic continues to keep many citizens quarantined, many restaurants such as McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's are offering free meals and other deals to customers. Much of the nation has been under social distancing guidelines for nearly two months, which has led to several food businesses closing down their dining rooms. For all the restaurants and fast food favorites offering free meals and deals, check out our full list only at PopCulture.com