Donald Trump Easily Wins GOP New Hampshire Primary, and the Reactions Are Pouring In

Even though many eyes are likely on the Democratic race in the New Hampshire primary, it was recently reported that a winner emerged on the Republican side. As USA Today reported, President Donald Trump won the GOP New Hampshire primary, which took place on Feb. 11. Following the news, many have spoken out, including the president himself.

In response to his victory in New Hampshire, Trump retweeted a user who boldly wrote, "WINNER— PRESIDENT TRUMP." He has also issued many tweets regarding the Democratic field of candidates. Many others, both supporters and critics of the president, flocked to Twitter to comment on the news.

"Well, it looks like #Trump is #WINNING," one user wrote.

"His head's already big enough as it is. This isn't 'winning' anything," another user wrote about Trump's New Hampshire primary win. "It's basically a participation prize at this point."

On the Democrat side, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, and Amy Klobuchar, all had strong showings. But, the primary also sparked Andrew Yang to suspend his campaign for president, an announcement he made shortly after the polls closed in New Hampshire at 8 p.m. ET. Shortly after his reveal, Senator Michael Bennet from Colorado also announced that he was suspending his campaign for president, per CNN.

While there aren't nearly as many Republicans running for president as there are Democrats, Trump did face some opposition in the primary from former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld.

Months before the primary, Weld spoke to The Hill about how he was hopeful that he would win the New Hampshire primary.

"If I win the New Hampshire primary, all bets are off," he told Hill.TV in October 2019. "That would ordinarily be fatal for a sitting president."

"I think I can persuade people — certainly the farmers in the Midwest," Well continued, adding that he's sure that he can garner support from voters around the country. "The president's tariff policies has been bad for them and they know that now."


"What we didn't know is that he is very uncomfortable in his own skin because he projected with all of his reality TV preparation and image of certitude, which he doesn't have at all," he added.

Trump's win comes one week after he also came out victorious in the Iowa Caucus on Feb. 4. In the election, the president received 97 percent of the vote, with Walsh and Weld receiving 1.4 and 1.2 percent, respectively.