Elizabeth Hurley Faces Backlash for Wearing Low-Cut Dress to Dinner With US Ambassador

Elizabeth Hurley is no stranger to showing off revealing outfits on social media, but her latest ensemble has stirred up a bit of controversy.

The Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery actress attended a high-profile dinner hosted by Woody Johnson, the Unites States' ambassador to the United Kingdom. She captured several moments from the evening with her phone's camera and took to Instagram to show them off.

"Thanksgiving Dinner given by US Ambassador Woody Johnson and his gorgeous wife Suzanne at the heavenly Winfield House," Hurley captioned the photo gallery. "That’s Barbara Hutton in the portrait who sold Winfield House to the American government for $1 after [World War II]."

While there was noting wrong about documenting the occasion, onlookers were taken aback by the 53-year-old actress' attire for the dinner.

Hurley wore a plunging black dress for the occasion with a neckline that extended to her waist. Her breasts her covered, of course, but many thought the extensive cleavage was out-of-line for just a dignified occasion.

"Not a hater, I think your stunning but this isn't appropriate for a Thanksgiving dinner," one detractor wrote. "A bar, yes but its eating a turkey dinner that makes this unappealing. What happens if the peas fall off your fork?"

Another added, "Nothing looks worse on a woman than dressing inappropriately for the occasion or their age. [It] screams desperate for attention."

While those combative remarks were present, numerous members of the Royals actress' fanbase defended her and complimented her ageless look.

"One of the most beautiful actresses in the business," one fan wrote. "Why would anyone complain about her outfit. She is gorgeous. If you look as good as her, and at 53 no less, then people should appreciate her looks and not be so jealous. Go for it Elizabeth!"


Another supporter added, "Be 100 percent you always!! You look beautiful...totally amazing! Don’t listen to the haters... they are just jealous!!"

Hurley has not responded to the critics of her outfit as of press time.