Yvette Nicole Brown Talks Potentially Participating in 'Community' Movie (Exclusive)

Fans of the hit TV series Community were excited to learn that a Community movie is coming to Peacock. When the movie was announced, it was also revealed that original cast members Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Ken Jeong and Jim Rash would be part of the film — which led to fans asking about the status of two more original cast members Donald Glover and Yvette Nicole Brown

Before the announcement, PopCulture spoke exclusively to Brown about being in the Community movie. She said she would love to do it but also revealed why it has taken so long to get it done. 

Community – Season 5
(Photo: NBC)

"It has always been a scheduling issue, not a desire issue," Brown exclusively told PopCulture. "So all of us love each other, we love working together. So it's never been about, I won't go back, that's just not the situation. So yeah, there's active talks about the film and hopefully, it'll all come together and all the fans will be happy." 

Dan Harmon, the creator of Community and writer of the new film, recently told Variety that he believes that Brown and Glover will join the project soon, it's just a matter of getting deals done for both. In the meantime, fans are ready to see the other cast members in action. McHale, who played the lead character in the series, teased a big announcement about the movie when he previously spoke to PopCulture.com

"I mean, I'm sure the big announcement he's talking about is that everybody wants to do the movie, but that ain't news," Brown revealed. "We've wanted to do the movie since the show. We're six seasons and a movie, he's been a part of the show for forever." 

Community tells the story of Jeff Winger (McHale) who is disbarred and suspended from his law firm after lying about having a degree from Columbia University. To earn a real degree, Jeff enrolls at Greendale Community College in Colorado. From there, Jeff connects with classmate Brita Perry (Jacobs) and pretends to run a study group in order to spend time with her. Britta invites fellow castmates Abed Nadir (Pudi), Shirley Bennett (Brown), Troy Barnes (Glove) and Pierce Hawthorne (Chevy Chase). And despite being completely different, all of them become good friends who deal with different challenges in each episode. Community ran for six seasons with the first five being on NBC and the sixth on Yahoo! Screen.