Joel McHale Teases a 'Ton More Action' Coming up on 'Stargirl' Season 3 (Exclusive)

After making its anticipated return this past summer on The CW, Stargirl has fans at the edge of their seats as Season 3 takes a darker turn into the murder investigation of one of the Justice Society of America's former villains, The Gambler. But as more layers get peeled back of our favorite heroes, one of the biggest questions this season is what's the deal with Starman also known as Sylvester Pemberton played brilliantly by Joel McHale. While McHale's Starman came back from the dead leaving Blue Valley residents confused including Stargirl herself, Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) and step-dad and Starman's former sidekick, Pat (Luke Wilson), McHale told exclusively there is a "ton more action" coming up when the show returns on Oct. 5 following its brief hiatus.

"As you know, this season is basically a murder mystery. As the news keeps tightening around what is happening, certain characters start to go crazier and crazier. I might be one of them," he told PopCulture. "But my character is very confused as to how he's here and what's happened. He doesn't know how to be on the planet right now. So, I will say there's a ton of action coming up."

Expressing his hopes for another season, McHale goes on to sing the praises of his young co-star Bassinger, admitting she is someone well beyond her years. "Brec is just one of those — that's why I'm like, 'Oh yeah, there's a God,' because they put people on the Earth like her because it's like she was an instant professional. She's got everything she needs. She's a total pro. She's totally talented," he said. "She's number one on the call sheet. There are 250 people working towards her show. When I was that age, I was definitely not even close to being [that]. She's also a real estate agent on top of it. I was not even close to being that mature. She does the whole thing with grace and ease, and her acting is terrific. No matter what happens with Stargirl, she's going to work for the rest of her life."

While Season 4 is currently up in the air, McHale said he is "always curious" to see what showrunner Geoff Johns is up to. "[He] created the show and used to run DC Comics. He's the best showrunner. He's so good. He has it all in his brain all the time. There are a lot of characters with a lot of elaborate plots. But I know this series, it's critically acclaimed — I know that and it doesn't have the fan base that something like The Flash has yet, but I know it does really well in other countries." Sharing how it's a lot like Community in terms of its cult hit status, McHale adds it's "one of those shows that people start watching" and suddenly realize "it's really good." 

As fans wait for new episodes of Stargirl, McHale is taking his love for steak to a whole new level thanks to his new partnership with Certified Angus Beef. Snagging the most exclusive and extreme dinner reservation of the year, McHale gets a chance to channel his inner Bear Grylls as he hikes to the top of a cliff for a once-in-a-lifetime fine dining experience in the Rocky Mountains complete with helmets and harnesses!

While in conversation with about the new endeavor, the passionate meat eater admits the whole thing is very thrilling. Even though he most humbly still questions how they could have chosen him over anyone else. "[Certified Angus Beef] probably made a mistake in hiring me because I won't stop talking about it. But they came to me and said, 'Hey, you want to kind of do the Ultimate Dining experience?' I guess the ultimate pop-up and have a five-course Michelin starred meal basically on the side of a cliff — there is a platform bolted."

Explaining just why he got involved with Certified Angus Beef, McHale, who loves cooking and grilling in his spare time admits it's all about the nonprofit's creativity. "The company, Certified Angus Beef, is a group of cattlemen and cattlewomen and ranchers who 40 years ago were like, 'We need to somehow codify and measure taste, and we're going to make up our own rules!' And they've been around for 40 years now. If you've ever had their meat, it's terrific. I cook all the time."

McHale can be seen in Stargirl, when it returns for the second half of its third season on Oct. 5 on The CW. For more on Joel McHale and his partnership with Certified Angus Beef, visit their official website for more details and stay tuned to for the latest.