Talk Show Not Airing Next Week

There will be one less talk show on the air this week, but the hiatus won't be for long. The livestream version of G4TV's Xplay will be off the air this week, the show's hosts announced. This version of the Xplay reboot, also known as Xplay Live, airs in real-time each week on Twitch and YouTube, with an edited version later placed on the network's linear channel. While the typical Xplay episode is more of a scripted news magazine-style program, Xplay Live has more of a talk show format, with hosts discussing video game news, conducting interviews and demoing various games.

The week-off was revealed on the June 29 episode of the program. At the start of the show, co-host Jirard "The Completionist" Khalil said, "Next week, we're taking a break." His co-host Corey "The Black Hokage" Smallwood then elaborated on the break, revealing there were some treats for fans on the other side. 

"Before we actually get into the show, we have a major announcement," TBH said. "We will not be live next week, but, there's a reason why. It's because the following week on July 12, we will be coming back in our new refreshed format. And Adam Sessler will be returning to the show. ... We will not be live on next Tuesday but we will be returning on July 12 alongside Mr. Sessler."

Khalil also poked fun at a contingent of G4 fans — many of which were fans of the Xplay's original run on cable — who repeatedly inquire about Sessler's status. He quipped, "There we go. Chat, now you can stop asking where Adam went."

G4 will also be "giving away a one-of-a-kind game console" during the July 12 broadcast, per Xplay Creative Producer Emily Rose Jacobson. The episode will also mark the return of Indiana "Froskurinn" Black, who has been off-air for two weeks while celebrating her wedding. Alex "Goldenboy" Mendez, the former co-host of Boosted who has been a regular face on Xplay in recent months, will not be there, though. Goldenboy noted that he will be in Copenhagen, Denmark, to host the VALORANT Champions Tour 2022 Stage 2 Masters tournament.


This pause also coincides with a similar one for fellow G4 show Attack of the Show! The variety show paused for a few weeks for a general break and creative recharge for staff and that also happened to line up with the Independence Day holiday in the U.S. (July 4). While those two legacy programs are the heart of G4's current programming slate, the network will still have plenty of content streaming. It is expected that new episodes of AOTS! spinoffs Fresh Ink and Attack of the Show: Vibe Check will still air this coming week. It is unclear if there will be any more scripted segments pulled from Xplay's linear version uploaded to YouTube this week, though Saturday already saw an upload in the form of All Elite Wrestling star Adam Cole "roasting" Halo games.