'Tiger King' Star Carole Baskin Previously Slammed Siegfried and Roy Over Tiger Use

Netflix is looking to keep the momentum going that it gained from Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness. The docuseries was met with roaring success right out of the gates and has even led to follow-up episodes and specials on other networks.

Now, Netflix is set to begin work on a follow-up episode that will focus on the Siegfried and Roy tiger attack in 2003, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Wildlife veterinarian and field biologist Dr. James Liu, who worked on Tiger King, will help with the follow-up after the death of Roy Horn was announced on Friday. With the Las Vegas entertainment duo set to be in the spotlight, a previous post by Carole Baskin on her Big Cat Rescue website suggests Baskin is not a fan of the two. At the heart of her frustration was the handling of the 20/20 special on ABC that she says failed to shine an accurate light on the mishandling of white tigers by Siegfried and Roy.

"This was a huge missed opportunity to do real investigative reporting that would have served a very meaningful purpose and potentially positively impacted many animals (and saved performers from injury) by giving Siegfried & Roy their due for their showmanship and impact on Las Vegas while convincing the viewer that such tiger acts are an anachronism that should go the way of carnival freaks, i.e. be relegated to history as entertainment from a time when we did not know better," she wrote on the site. Baskin called the whole thing a "shallow tribute" and did not appreciate the way they glamorized the "exploitation of big cats as an accomplishment."


Baskin noted that it's fair to refer to the two showmen as exceptional entertainers and marketers, but that they did so "on the backs of inbred animals and misery they have caused to so many other animals by being the catalyst for rampant breeding to create white tigers." The antagonist of Tiger King hasn't been shy about calling things how she them. She even criticized the way the Netflix series unfolded, sharing in an emotional YouTube video that she felt that producted "misrepresented" what the series was going to be about when explaining it to her. "In a way, the series is about con artists," Baskin said. "In my view, the biggest con artists of them all were Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin. I believe they were devoid of integrity, don't care about the animals and clearly, clearly do not care about the truth."