'The Ranch' Part 8: Rooster Bennett Returns in Spirit, But Danny Masterson Doesn't

The Ranch Part 8 is now on Netflix, and fans of the series have been wondering if Danny Masterson's character Rooster Bennett. Masterson was infamously fired from the Netflix sitcom after production on Part 5 (the first half of Season 3) was completed. The reasoning behind the firing was the fact that Masterson faces several sexual assault accusations, which still have not been cleared up. Masterson has never been charged for the alleged crimes, so fans thought a cameo in Part 8 would be doable.

Spoilers ahead for The Ranch Part 8.

So, does Rooster return to The Ranch? Well, yes and no. In Episode 4, entitled "Fadeaway," Rooster's presence returns to the fold for a brief scene. However, Masterson does not.

The episode centers on Rooster's brother Colt Bennett (Ashton Kutcher) pinned against a shed by his own truck and a snowstorm rains down. Colt can't get free his iPhone isn't working properly, despite several botched attempts at using the Siri function. It is then suggested that the near-death experience causes Colt to hallucinate a bit. Siri begins to talk to Colt, but the phrasing is not in the computer's typically style. Instead, it sounds like Rooster is speaking to Colt from beyond the grave, via Siri's computerized voice.

"Seriously, you're just going to give up? That's some weak-a— s⁠—," the voice says.

"What? Siri?" Colt replies.

"Guess again. Cock-a-doodle-doo, motherf⁠—er," the voice says.

"S⁠—. Rooster? Why do you sound like Siri?" Colt says.

"How the f⁠— should I know? You're the one dying," the computerized Rooster replies. "I was just in a hot tub with Dale Earnhardt, Merle Haggard and Gandhi. Guess who's got the biggest junk? Spoiler alert... me."

The two then have some brotherly banter as Colt barely hangs on to life.

"I miss you, man," Colt says.

"Are you gonna cry? Is that how you wanna go out? When I went off that cliff, I was giving double birds the whole way down," the voice says, referencing Rooster's presumed death in a motorcycle accident.

"F⁠— you. You cried every time they took the McRib off the menu," Colt claps back.

"Well, guess what bro? Up here you can have a McRib and a Shamrock Shake anytime you want," Rooster says, implying there's McDonald's in heaven.

"Oh s⁠—. Well, you know, they oughta put that in the Bible," Colt says. "I'd got to church every Sunday."

After that bit of banter, things turn more serious. Colt seems to be slipping away, and Rooster tries to tempt him to the other side.

"Oh. Man. I'm so glad you're here," Colt says. "You know what we oughta do? We oughta hang out and do all the old s⁠— we used to do. You know, like, drinking together ... I guess that's pretty much all we used to do. Oh, God, that'd be f⁠—ing awesome."

"Dude, we can do that right now," Rooster says. "Just walk into the light."

"Is this like that time you told me to grab that bug zapper?" Colt says.

"No dude, come on," the Siri voice replies. "I'm on the other side waiting with an ice-cold Coors light. Up here, the mountains are always blue."

Colt then says that "being dead is awesome" as his wife Abby (Elisha Cuthbert) and his cousin Luke Matthews (Dax Shepard) arrive to rescue him. Colt is shown passed out, implying that the Rooster encounter was a dream or hallucination, not a supernatural experience.


All episodes of The Ranch are currently streaming on Netflix.

Photo Credit: Michael Yarish/Netflix