'The OA' on Netflix Release Date Revealed With First Look From Season 2

Season 2 of Netflix's The OA is almost here, and Netflix has released a trailer and a sneak peek at the show.

Netflix saw huge success with The OA back in 2016, and now it is finally back for another round. The mysterious show's second season comes out at the end of March, and looks like it holds more questions than answers.

The trailer finds Prairie (Brit Marling) waking up in an alternate universe. It is more or less the same, though a nurse asks her some basic questions to test her memory, and when she identifies the president as Barack Obama, the nurse asks: "who?"

The trailer does not leave this mystery open, it warns viewers that Prairie and her companions have "traveled into another dimension. Into alternate versions of ourselves."

This time around, Prairie resides in an an upscale San Francisco home, and by all appearances, she is rich. Still, before long, she is roped into a familiar missing persons case, and she teams up with a private investigator to solve a mystery. Marling is co-creator and executive producer of the show in addition to starring in it.

"We think of Part II as very much a noir," co-creator Zal Batmanglij told Entertainment Weekly of the upcoming season. "We wanted to come in through the character of a cynical detective. Films like The Big Sleep didn't seem antiquated [when they came out]. They were very modern. That's why we thought, 'What better place than San Francisco and the tech world to set a noir today?'"

For all the differences, however, there are plenty of similarities as well.

"It was really delicious to dive back into a realm you had been intimate with and land in the body of someone who had not been through all the experiences we watch Prairie go through in Part I," Marling said.

The upcoming season will be bittersweet for fans, who will see now-deceased actor Scott Wilson reprising his role as Prairie's adoptive father. Wilson, an alumni of The Walking Dead, passed away in October.

"Scott plays in a very critical scene," said Marling. "It's a beautiful performance, and we miss him very much."


The OA Part II premieres on Friday, March 22 on Netflix.