'Squid Game' Finally Knocked off No. 1 Streaming Spot by Another Netflix Original Series

It took several weeks, but Squid Game has finally been knocked off the number one streaming spot, and it was by another Netflix original series. According to Deadline, You unseated Squid Game from the top slot in Nielsen's U.S. streaming chart. You was watched for 2.7 million minutes the week of Oct. 18 to 24, which is more than double what Squid Game received. However, Squid Game currently remains to be the most successful Netflix original in the history of the streaming service.

Squid Game is a South Korean survival drama that follows a number of people who have been invited to join a series of deadly challenges that are all based on childhood games. The individuals chosen to play are all from low-income communities, with the masked game organizers enticing them to risk their lives for the chance at winning unimaginable wealth. The story essentially boils down to a dark and ominous depiction of class disparity, with the players willing to die — or even kill — for a chance to better their lives through access to more money. The show has been massively popular among Netflix watchers and has been the source of many social media memes over the past two months.

In You, former Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley plays Joe Goldberg, a man with a dark past and an obsessive personality. In Season 3 of the drama-thriller, which just debuted on Netflix, Joe and his wife Love (Victoria Pedretti) find themselves navigating suburban life with their new baby, Henry. Things very quickly take a sinister turn, leading the complicated couple down a path that forced them to fight for their marriage.

Speaking to InStyle in a recent interview, Badgley spoke candidly about how he feels about his character, saying, "I am the least forgiving person in the world with Joe." He then went on to compare Joe to "a person with deep narcissistic personality disorder and sociopathy." Badgley added, "He's clearly, to me, not a good husband. He's not a good father, but the ways that he's trying, I think are universal. His fear is probably pretty universal, [but] how he goes about responding to all that is so terrible, obviously."


Badgley later offered an interesting take on Joe, saying that he believes "the audience actually brings a lot to him." He then added that Joe's perceived "emotional sobriety" does not actually exist. "I don't see how a person like him could be expected to have any emotional sobriety, any behavior that would be anything other than completely and utterly self-serving," he said. "To me, he's just sort of pandering to the audience in his mind when he says these things." You Seasons 1 through 3 are now streaming on Netflix.