'Queer Eye': Bobby Berk Updates Season 6's Status and How Fans Can Keep up With the Fab Five (Exclusive)

Like many other television shows, Queer Eye was forced to halt production on Season 6 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Queer Eye's resident design expert Bobby Berk gave a brief update on where Season 6 stands today. While it may not be the update that fans were hoping for, Berk did offer up some ways for Queer Eye fans to keep up with the Fab Five during this time.

Berk explained that unlike other television shows that have headed back into production with additional safety protocols, they would be unable to do something similar for Queer Eye given the amount of work that goes into each episode. As a result, the interior designer explained that fans would likely not see another season of the popular Netflix series until next year. "The only update we have is sometime in 2021," Berk explained to PopCulture.com while discussing his partnership with PayPal for their new Pay in 4 option. "You know, our show, we're not on a closed set. A lot of shows are back to work, but they're on the same set every day; they're dealing with the same people. We're literally dealing with thousands of different people at restaurants, in stores, and salons... So, it's very hard for us to socially distance and to keep not only us safe but the crew and our heroes, as well."

Netflix picked up Queer Eye Season 6 in March. The series was in the midst of production in Austin, Texas, when they were forced to shut down due to the pandemic. But, rest assured, Season 6 is still a go for the streamer. Until it does premiere, Berk offered fans some ways to keep up with the Fab Five, which includes himself, Karamo Brown, Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness, and Tan France, during this difficult time.


"Stay strong, we'll be back," Berk said when asked what message he has for fans of Queer Eye. He then offered up some suggestions on how fans can still get their Fab Five fix. "Rewatch old seasons. There's lots of content on YouTube, as well. I always love it when I get messages from fans who are like, 'I went to watch one video of you guys on YouTube, and I fell into a YouTube hole for about 37 hours. You guys got a lot of content on there.' Lot of fun interviews that we've done over the years that are all available. But, just stay strong, love each other. Be patient with each other, and we'll all be okay."