'Ozark' Season 4, Part 1 Ends With Two Massive Deaths

Ozark Season 4, Part 1 recently debuted on Netflix, and the finale ended with two massive deaths. The final season of Ozark was announced back in 2020, with Part 1 streaming now and Part 2 set to debut later in the year. Please Note: Major Ozark Spoilers Below.

In the new episodes, viewers are introduced to Javier "Javi" Elizondro (played by Alfonso Herrera), who is the wildly impulsive nephew of Omar Navarro. Javi is Omar's cartel lieutenant, but it's clear he has his sights set on taking his uncle's throne. Over the first seven Season 4 episodes, Javi makes his presence felt violently, at one point murdering Sheriff John Nix, who'd been a staple of the show for the first three seasons. This seemed to be the worst Javi was capable of, until the final episode of Season 4 Part 1, when he killed Darlene Snell and Wyatt Langmore — Ruth's cousin, played by Charlie Tahan —who'd just gotten married to one another.

Tahan recently sat down with Esquire and reflected on Wyatt's character development, saying, "I think the option that Ruth was waiting for was, in some capacity, just to get out of the neighborhood. And I think she put a lot of emphasis on Wyatt's intelligence. He seemed like he had a pension for academia. It just seems like something that I think Ruth would hope for, [that Wyatt] wouldn't have the similar cyclical life that her family had."

He continued, "She wanted Wyatt to break that pattern. And I think Wyatt would've liked to, too. He just hasn't had anyone from the outside world telling him and inspiring him to do his own thing. Separate from Ruth, he kind of thinks that he is at a place where it's as good as it's going to get for him. I think he found some purpose between Season Three and Four with Zeke."


Speaking about filming Wyatt's death, Tahan shared that it was quite the emotional moment many would presume, because it wasn't his final scene playing the wayward teenager. "I think, if it was the last scene that I did, I probably would've felt differently," he said. "I wish I could say a cool quote that I was upset when I went home that day. I mourn the loss of Wyatt, but no, it was really just a day where there were a lot of practical effects and a lot of moving pieces. It took a while for that one shot. But I love s— like that. It's a dance."