'Outer Range' Cast Talks Bull Riding and New Mexico Scenery While Filming Supernatural Drama Thriller (Exclusive)

Amazon Prime Video's new supernatural drama-thriller Outer Range has had viewers everywhere talking since it debuted earlier this month. Ahead of the show's debut, PopCulture.com had a chance to speak with some of the cast, including Tamara Podemski, Isabel Arraiza, and Lewis Pullman. During the conversation, the three actors spoke about a variety of the show's elements, including bull riding and the "beautiful" New Mexico scenery they filmed around.

In the series, Pullman plays Rhett Abbott, the bull-riding son of Josh Brolin's Royal Abbot. When asked if he had to practice the sport before filming, Pullman confessed, "I didn't get to do any bull riding." He then showered praise on his stunt double, who handled all the action moments. "I sat on a bull and all that stuff with me in the pen is all real, but then I had an incredible stunt double, Dylan Hice, who was a total badass who was just taking all the hits for me. And then I got all the glory," he quipped. "It doesn't make any sense. I felt totally guilty about it."

Pullman continued, "I did a lot of research about what makes people ride bulls, because it's such an insane, extreme sport. I always say, it's like riding a bolt of lightning. And these guys who just will drive across the country, barely sleeping just to make it to the next tournament and just to ride, just to get those eight seconds, hopefully. You don't do it for the money, you do it because you love it. And it's not about if you're going to get hurt, it's about how bad you're going to get hurt. It was pretty phenomenal to get to hang with some of those guys. They're all really, really upstanding dudes."

Outer Range was filmed in the southwest, specifically in the area of Las Vegas, New Mexico. Speaking about what the experience was like, Arraiza said, "I mean, it was just so beautiful and the weather was also so extreme and unpredictable. Honestly, there's something about the land there. I know it might sound a little bit trite, but I think they call it the land of enchantment for a reason. It was honestly breathtaking."

She added, "And there's something energetically about it that is quite special. And to be honest, I know we did this supernatural, mysterious, Western drama, but I also got to experience, and this is my favorite subject, some weird things even at the hotels that we were staying. But we will talk about those haunted hotels in another interview. I just felt like there was something just mystical about the whole experience. It was beautiful."

Finally, Podemski addressed her role and what led her to take on the character of Deputy Sheriff Joy. "I'm drawn to who on the surface look like hero characters, but do actually have their own flaws and maybe even weaknesses that they not might not be aware of," she shared. "I think that Joy has been able to live most of her life to uphold justice and be that shining example. And even she is surprised by the pulls that start to reveal themselves in her own kind of moral infrastructure." The first two episodes of Outer Range are now streaming, with two more debuting this Friday, only on Amazon Prime Video.