'Outer Range' Star Imogen Poots Discusses 'Dangerous' Character Elements in Amazon Prime Mystery Thriller (Exclusive)

Amazon Prime's new mystery thriller series Outer Range range debuts on April 15, and the show has already created a buzz among interested viewers and critics. Among the show's cast is English actress Imogen Poots, who plays an enigmatic character named Autumn, who seems noble on the outside, but might be hiding a darker intent. Recently, Poots sat down with PopCulture.com to talk about the new series, and share thoughts on her character's most "dangerous" dynamics.

"I think because in the script it said she was a big reader of Heraclitus the philosopher and certain writers, like a woman called Simone Vial. These thinkers are quite extreme, I'd say," Poots offered. "So the fact that she was a disciple of their modes of thinking, I think that's always quite dangerous when you make yourself a blank canvas for other people's opinions to permeate and so I think from the get-go, there's a lot going on with her that isn't straightforward." She then posed, "But like all of us, it's sort of that question. Like, 'am I a good person or a bad person?' And you know, there is, I think there's a nuance to her at least at the beginnings of the show."

Per an official synopsis of the show: "Outer Range centers on Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin), a rancher fighting for his land and family, who discovers an unfathomable mystery at the edge of Wyoming's wilderness. A thrilling fable with hints of wry humor and supernatural mystery, Outer Range examines how we grapple with the unknown. At the onset of the series, the Abbotts are coping with the disappearance of daughter-in-law Rebecca."

The Abbotts "are pushed further to the brink when the Tillersons (the gaudy owners of the neighboring profit-driven ranch) make a play for their land. An untimely death in the community sets off a chain of tension-filled events, and seemingly small-town, soil-bound troubles come to a head with the arrival of a mysterious black void in the Abbotts' west pasture. Wild revelations unfold as Royal fights to protect his family; through his eyes, we begin to see how time contains secrets held in the past and unsettling mysteries foreshadowed."

Explaining what drew her to the role, Poots said, "that combination of sci-fi and the American West I'd always been really fascinated by, and then the cast that was being assembled was a dream bunch of actors to work with and Brian Watkins who sort of dreamt up the show, not that he had to convince me, but by what he was dreaming up, I found that really, really inspiring and reassuring how he foresaw this female character and how mercurial she would be, and how in a way she'd subvert that all American archetypal family drama." Outer Range debuts Friday, only on Amazon Prime Video.