Netflix's Witchy New Show Hits the Top 10 Ahead of Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and Netflix subscribers are celebrating the start of spooky season by tuning into the streamer's long list of Halloween-perfect titles. Among those titles is Scaredy Cats, one of the newest additions to the Netflix Family library that is already bewitching viewers and earning a spot on the streaming charts.

The family-friendly title, now available for streaming, follows Willa Ward and her two friends, Scout and Lily, who shape-shift into cats in order to protect a beautiful charm necklace Willa inherits on her 12th birthday that once belonged to her mother, who was a witch. The locket, however, brings danger, as two witches are after it so they can have ultimate power, forcing Willa and her friends to go to extreme lengths to protect it as they learn to use the necklace and her witch powers to defeat the bad witches and save their town.

Although Scaredy Cats no longer ranks among the Top 10 shows on Netflix - which is currently being dominated by Maid, On My Block, and Squid Game, the South Korean drama that is on track to become the most-watched show in Netflix history - the family-friendly series did make it onto the list upon its Friday, Oct. 1 debut and only recently slipped from its ranking. In fact, according to Flix Patrol data, on Monday, Oct. 4, Scaredy Cats ranked No. 10 among all series available for streaming on the streamer's U.S. platform. It fell behind popular titles like Sex Education, Midnight Mass, and Squid Game. However, as of Tuesday, Oct. 5, Scaredy Cats no longer makes the list.

Debuting on the platform as part of the streamer's Netflix and Chills Halloween programming slate, Scaredy Cats quickly garnered rave reviews from critics. Review site Leisure Byte dubbed the series a "spellbinding ticket to the magical realm," adding that Scaredy Cats "is a cute and creative portrayal of the world of witchcraft for children" and "an excellent show for kids and adults alike." The site went on to say the series is "a great show to watch together with your family and friends" and ultimately encouraged readers to "stream it" rather than "skip it."


Scaredy Cats is now available for streaming on Netflix. Subscribers can tune into other family-friendly Netflix and Chills titles on the platform, including the likes of Nightbooks, the series based on J. A. White's 2018 children's book of the same that is being lauded as the perfect "gateway horror" option. Stay tuned to for the latest streaming news.