Netflix Reveals 'Lucifer' Season 6 Trailer Ahead of Premiere Date

The end is near for Lucifer! Just three months after the Fox-turned-Netflix series dropped the second half of its fifth season, Netflix on Tuesday gave fans a major update when revealing ahead of the Lucifer Season 6 premiere date. The streamer confirmed the upcoming final season will drop on the platform on Friday, Sept. 10, while releasing the first Season 6 trailer.

The Tuesday news also came with even more information about Season 6. When the season drops early next month, it will span just 10 episodes. This episode count will mark a change from past seasons, which have all run for 13 episodes or more, with Season 4, Lucifer's first season as a Netflix Original, is the exception with 10 episodes. Season 5, meanwhile, consisted of 26 episodes, which dropped in two separate parts. All Season 6 episodes will be made available for streaming on Sept. 10, offering up "one epic conclusion."

Along with returning stars like Tom Ellis, Lauren German and DB Woodside, Lucifer Season 6 will welcome a few new faces. Chris Coy, who starred as Martin on four episodes of AMC's The Walking Dead, will star as a character named Alan. Disney Channel and Nickelodeon alum Emmy Mattingly is set to star as a character named Nancy. First-look Season 6 photos also confirmed appearances by RuPaul's Drag Race stars Katya and Bob the Drag Queen in at least one episode.

Based on DC Comics character Lucifer Morningstar, Lucifer first premiered on Fox back in 2014. It ran for three seasons on the network before it was canceled, with Netflix eventually stepping in to save it. Although the series was initially set to end after Season 5, Netflix reversed the decision and announced in June 2020 that Lucifer would return for a sixth and final season. Co-showrunner Joe Henderson told Collider they were only willing to expand the show if they found "a story worthy," and in agreeing to move the show forward an additional season, they wanted to "make sure that by deciding to go one more season, we don't ruin this beautiful story that we've been telling, and not get the exact right end point that we want to get to." Ildy Modrovich, co-showrunner on the series, added that the extra season meant that "there's a bunch of stuff we weren't going to tell that now we can't imagine not telling." Modrovich said Season 6 is "a much more intimate season" that isn't just filled with "empty action."


All past seasons of Lucifer, including the first three seasons that initially aired on Fox, are available for streaming on Netflix. The sixth and final season premieres on Friday, Sept. 10. Stay tuned to PopCulture for the latest updates!