Netflix Renews 'Narcos: Mexico' for Season 2

Narcos: Mexico has been picked up for a second season, as Netflix announced in a heart-stopping teaser on Wednesday.

This year, Netflix created a spin-off of its acclaimed drama Narcos rather than carrying the series on in a traditional new season. The move paid off, as the new show has gotten rave reviews. Less than three weeks after its release, Netflix announced that there would be a second season.

Netflix cited reviews from The Hollywood Reporter, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Collider and The New York Post for its renewal announcement. It also included some highlight footage from the first season, reminding fans about the incredible cast and the non-stop drama that the got to live out just last month.

Narcos: Mexico leaps from the life of Pablo Escobar and the Colombian drug trade to Mexico, where the modern war on drugs was waged. It follows the loosely organized confederation of growers, dealers and traffickers who brought cannabis into the United States, creating a drug empire in the process.

The show is set in the 1980s and focuses heavily on a D.E.A. Agent named Kiki Camarena, played by Michael Pena. Camarena goes undercover to gain intelligence and build a case against real-life cartel leader Felix Gallardo (Diego Luna), who brought the Guadalajara Cartel to prominence.

The first season had 10 episodes, as did all three season of the original Narcos. The show seems to have filled its predecessor's place without missing a beat, satisfying fans both new and old.

Those fans were ecstatic on social media this week, tweeting back at Netflix with countless GIFs from the show. Although the first season is less than a month old, they asked for release dates, hoping the series could continue at a break-neck pace.

"I swear I would have canceled Netflix by now if it wasn't for Narcos and Ozark," one fan wrote.

Still, not all Netflix subscribers are happy with the service right now. While Narcos fans are pleased about the pick up, others take every scrap of news from Netflix to build a case against the company for something unrelated.

Some, for example, expressed bitterness that Netflix was carrying on the Narcos franchise after gutting its Marvel offerings in the last several months. While the productions likely come from completely different teams and have little to do with each other, many think of the company as one massive entity pulling all of its strings with precise, calculated movements.


For Netflix, viewers' ability to draw comparisons and conclusions in real time may be one of its greatest weaknesses moving forward, as one fan base or another with always feel jilted.

Check back for updates on Narcos: Mexico Season 2.