Netflix Renews ‘Lucifer’ for Sixth and Final Season

It has been announced that Lucifer is officially returning for a sixth and final season on Netflix. The streaming service confirmed the news Tuesday morning but did not provide a count for how many episodes the season might contain. The streaming service did note, however, that this will in fact be the final season for the Lucifer.

The news just one day after it was announced that Season 5, Part 1 of Lucifer will premiere on Aug 21. Initially, Season 5 of Lucifer was scheduled to be its last, but after moving to Netflix from Fox for Season 4, the show found new life and has been a hit with subscribers. There was initially some worry that Season 6 might not happen, due to a contract dispute between series star Tom Ellis and the show's producing studio, Warner Bros. Television. That was reportedly resolved, it seems, as Season 6 is a go at Netflix.

Lucifer debuted on Fox in 2016 and was eventually canceled by the network after Season 3. Netflix quickly swooped in and saved the show, after a massive outcry from fans online. During a conversation with Collider in 2019, Ellis spoke about some of the differences between a broadcast network and a streaming service and explained that having fewer episodes with Netflix was actually a good thing.

"What happens when you’re on a network and you have to 22 episodes is that you end up diluting and elongating and really stretching out a story," Ellis said, then adding that it is "quite a challenge." He went on to confess that his "favorite episodes" from Lucifer's run on Fox, "were always the ones that were rich with story." He asserted, "The result of having 10 episodes a season is actually a benefit for the show because you get the best version of it. You get the lean, great storytelling, for all of our characters, all the way through the 10 episodes, and it makes it more compelling."

Ellis added, "Plus, now it all comes out at once, which means that people can do what they like to do and binge it. I’ve watched this season, and I feel like it’s our strongest season, for lots of reasons. The fact that now you can sit down and watch them, one after the other, really changes that. The end of every episode has got something where you want to know what’s next." Seasons 1-4 of Lucifer are currently streaming on Netflix.