Netflix Reveals Sexiest 'Lucifer' Moments Video Ahead of Season 5

Lucifer has become a fan-favorite and will soon be releasing its fifth season via Netflix. The streaming service announced on Monday that the former Fox show would be dropping new episodes on Aug. 21. As part of the big announcement, the company also shared a unique promotional video showcasing the sexiest moments from the first four seasons.

Along with the video, Netflix wrote, "And now, for your viewing enjoyment, we present 66.6 seconds of Lucifer's hottest, sexiest, most downright devilish moments. Be sure to watch all the way through." At the end was where the Season 5 release date was listed. In the clip, words popped up throughout, spelling out, "It's gonna be a long hot devil summer. Since the show was picked up by Netflix after Fox dropped it following three seasons, the series has amped up its steamy moments, many of which were captured in the video. As has been the case for other shows on the service, Lucifer will be released in parts, with the Part 1 coming out on its release date and the second part coming shortly after. As of now, Lucifer is scheduled to end after this season, but talks of a sixth installment remain a possibility.

Tom Ellis, who plays the title character, shared in an interview with Collider that within an hour of Fox announcing the show was canceled, his cell phone began to blow up with people wishing him the best and demanding more. He said it was the next day that Warner Bros. called and said they would do their best to find a new home for the program. Ellis explained that the move to Netflix did provide production with fewer boundaries, noting how they "could never curse" before the move. While there are fewer restrictions, the show didn't want to go too crazy in vulgarity as it tried to keep the same tone as it had on Fox with a little more added onto it. Ellis said the overwhelming support in the fans' campaign to save the show showed everyone involved that there was no need to change as they became aware of the "broad appeal of the show."


Lucifer first premiered in 2016 and currently has 67 episodes to its credit. The fourth season began streaming on May 8, 2019. All seasons are now available on Netflix.