'Lucifer' Season 5: Netflix Reveals Premiere Date

Lucifer fans have been desperate to know when Season 5 of the devilishly delightful series would return, and Netflix has now announced the date. Brand new episodes of Lucifer will return on Aug. 21.

Lucifer started out on Fox back in 2016 but was canceled after three seasons. Netflix quickly picked it up for Season 4, and then renewed it for Season 5 after it became a big hit with subscribers. Notably, in the announcement, the streaming service states that "Part 1" of Lucifer's fifth season will be dropping, which follows Netflix's common system for debuting seasons of shows in multiple parts. They have previously done this with series such as The Ranch and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

At this time, the fifth season of Lucifer is said to be the last, but there has been talk of Netflix greenlighting a sixth season. While no official word has been given regarding this, we do know that series star Tom Ellis has signed a new deal with WB Television — the studio that produces the show — which would allow him to return for Season 6. This is, of course, presuming Season 5 is as big a hit as they are hoping for, giving Netflix cause to renew the show.

In a previous interview with Collider, Ellis spoke about the show's cancellation at Fox and stated that "for about 36 hours" he was "convinced" that is was absolutely over. "Then, I had a call," he added, "Basically, the moment that it was announced on social media that the show was canceled, was the moment I started to feel better about everything because, within an hour of that announcement, my phone had just gone absolutely crazy." He went on to explain that the "outpouring" of support from fans during that dark time is what led Warner Bros. and Netflix to make a deal on keeping the show going.

"I got a call from Warner Bros. saying that it hadn’t gone unnoticed, and that they were going to try to find a new home for it," Ellis shared. "In that period of time, I encouraged people to keep making noise because it seemed to have at least made a conversation start." Seasons 1-4 of Lucifer are currently streaming on Netflix.