Netflix Has New Cowboy Show Coming, Watch the Trailer

Netflix has a new cowboy-themed show coming soon, but it's not the western adventure you might expect. From the looks of it, How to Be a Cowboy is framed like a reality show starring ranch manager, rodeo star and social media sensation Dale Brisby. The show premieres on Sept. 1, 2021.

In How to Be a Cowboy, "Dale Brisby uses social media savvy and rodeo skills to keep cowboy traditions alive — and now he's teaching the world how to cowboy right." Brisby has become a massive success on social media, particularly on YouTube where he hosts a show called Rodeo Time. Brisby is the ranch manager at Radiator Ranch Cattle Company and at Brightstar Ranch. He is also the CEO of Rodeo Time Inc. Now, he is bringing all that experience to bear on a new Netflix show, and the trailer may leave new fans a bit confused.

At first glance, this trailer seems like it could be reality TV, parody or perhaps even a light-hearted docu-series. That just goes to show how much larger than life Brisby is — he has a catchphrase for every situation, including the one where he becomes a Netflix star.

According to a report by Y95 Country, it's not just empty boasting. Brisby is a real rodeo competitor and bull-rider. He also has a real Master's degree in Agriculture from Texas A&M University. Somewhere in that tangle of skills, he has also become a social media expert, boasting over 696,000 followers on Instagram. His bio there lists him as a "comedian," with the added qualifier: "I'm a joke, Jesus is not."

Brisby is much more active on YouTube, where Rodeo Time is still going strong apparently alongside How to Be a Cowboy. It's not clear how much crossover the two shows may have, but Netflix is known to mine internet sensations for its content. It is doing so more and more these days with mixed results.

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Some commenters predicted that this show would be one of the flops. One person wrote: "They didn't renew GLOW but they're adding this s—. WTF." Another added: "Why am I getting Tiger King vibes from this?" However, most comments came from enthusiastic fans who were already familiar with Brisby's work.

"I'm ready for it! I'm curious why all the hateful Karens feel the need to comment. Those of us that support all things Dale really don't care what you think," one person proclaimed. Another wrote: "This is gonna be good! People need to teach about the rodeo/ranching way of living every chance they can. Humor added in is always a plus. Keep up the good work and teaching about the Lord too." A third person added: "Yessss I cannot wait! This show is going to be so good! Literally, a dream come true for me that Dale makes a show!"


How to Be a Cowboy premieres on Sept. 1 on Netflix. Brisby's YouTube show Rodeo Time continues to air regularly in the meantime.