Netflix Cancels Another Show, Season 2 Status Unclear

Netflix has apparently canceled Inside Job, though there may still be new episodes to come before it is over. The animated comedy series treats nearly all outlandish conspiracy theories as true and depicts a shadowy agency that controls the world through these well-kept secrets. According to writer Chase Mitchell, Netflix has decided not to let it continue.

Mitchell claimed that Inside Job had been canceled on Saturday in a pair of tweets he deleted shortly after they were posted. He wrote: "I hate posts like this but our show got canceled on Friday. I got that job and wrote 4 episodes of animated TV because the showrunner found me on here. Before that, I wrote 10 years of late-night b/c someone found me on here too. I'm really fing good at what I do. Hit me up."

In a follow-up, Mitchell added: "I dunno if I was allowed to say this but honestly that streamer does not care about animation anymore so who gives a s—." Mitchell's frustration will likely be shared by fans, as Inside Job has been one of the best-received Netflix original series in its genre. It has been favorably compared to other legends in adult animation including Futurama, American Dad and Archer, and even revered above other cartoons produced for Netflix such as Disenchantment.

Still, Mitchell's tweets remain the only source for this cancellation, and as they were ultimately deleted, it's hard to know how authoritative they are. Netflix has not commented on canceling or renewing the series since the last batch of episodes dropped in November, but previous reports already indicated that more episodes were on the way.

Netflix released 10 episodes of Inside Job in October of 2021 followed by 8 episodes in November of 2022, but these were described as two "parts" of Season 1, as Netflix sometimes does. According to a report by Deadline, Netflix ordered Inside Job Season 2 in June of 2022, separate from the existing order. This could mean that Season 2 is still on the way with no more new episodes after that, but Netflix has not commented on the news either way.


Canceled or not, Inside Job is one of the funniest original series available on Netflix. It stars Lizzy Caplan as scientist and aspiring oligarch Reagan Ridley and Christian Slater as her father, Randall Ridley. Reagan is forced to share her power and responsibility with the corporate-appointed yes-man Brett Hand (Clark Duke), while her team is comprised of PR expert Gigi Thompson (Tisha Campbell), military advisor Glenn Dolphman (John DiMaggio), biochemist Dr. Andre Lee (Bobby Lee) and hollow-Earth-dwelling sentient mushroom Myc Celium (Brett Gelman).

There are 18 episodes of Inside Job available to stream now on Netflix and more are reportedly in the works.