'NCIS': Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo to Reunite on New Spinoff

Paramount+ has ordered a new 'NCIS' spinoff centering on Tony and Ziva, with production beginning later this year in Europe.

It's been a long time coming for NCIS fans, but a Tiva reunion is finally happening. TVLine reports that Paramount+ has ordered a new offshoot of the long-running CBS procedural that will star Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo, reprising their fan-favorite roles of Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David. This will mark the first time the duo have been on-screen together since October 2013, when Pablo exited as a series regular in Season 11.

News of the offshoot comes on the heels of Weatherly's long-awaited return to NCIS, having made a surprise cameo at the end of the Ducky tribute episode, which aired on Mar. 20. Pablo, meanwhile, was last on the series in Season 17, with a multi-episode arc revealing that she did not die in an explosion as viewers once thought, and only faked her death. The pair will star in and executive produce the unnamed series, which is supposed to begin production later this year in Europe.

Despite finally being together and raising their daughter, Tali, things are not going to be easy for Tony and Ziva, as per usual. The Paramount+ series will focus on Tony's security company being attacked and the former NCIS agents having to go on the run across Europe while trying to figure out who is after them and learning to trust each other again "so that they can finally have their unconventional happily ever after."

In a joint statement, Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo said, "We've been talking about this story for many years, and now, with John McNamara at the helm, we are ready. The world of Tony and Ziva (and daughter Tali) promises to be an action-packed roller coaster fueled by love, danger, tears, and laughter. We also want to acknowledge and thank the fans from around the world who supported the 'Tiva' movement for years," the actors added. "To this day, they say hello in grocery stores and on the street to tell us how much these characters mean to them and ask what Tony and Ziva are up to now. This is for you!"

John McNamara wrote the premiere episode and will serve as showrunner and executive producer alongside Weatherly, de Pablo, Laurie Lieser, Christina Strain, and Shelley Meals. Just recently, Weatherly even teased that he might be reuniting with de Pablo, but considering he had been teasing something like for a few years now, it was hard to tell whether something was actually going to happen. Until now, at least.

This will also mark the latest series in the NCIS franchise. CBS is also developing a new prequel series, NCIS: Origins, which will follow a young Leroy Jethro Gibbs prior to the events of the Mothership series. As of now, an estimated premiere date for the new Paramount+ spinoff has yet to be announced, but once production kicks off, more information is likely to be released. In the meantime, fans can rewatch Tony and Ziva's epic and blossoming romance on NCIS, streaming in full on Paramount+.