Michael Weatherly Teases Cote de Pablo Reunion After 'NCIS' Comeback

The duo were last on screen together in Season 11 of 'NCIS.'

Following Michael Weatherly's surprise NCIS cameo, could fans expect even more? The actor made his long-awaited return to the long-running CBS procedural in the final minutes of the Ducky tribute episode, offering some comfort and jokes. Weatherly was the only former cast member to return for the episode, but now he is teasing another return, and possibly with on-screen partner Cote de Pablo.

De Pablo joined NCIS in Season 3 as Ziva David, going from a Mossad Liaison officer to NCIS agent over the years. She departed in Season 11, with Ziva being presumed dead in the Season 13 finale. However, she returned in Season 16 and had a multi-episode arc in Season 17, where it was revealed she faked her death. Although Tony didn't give any updates on Ziva and their daughter, Tali, in the tribute episode, it's possible fans will see them in the future.

Weatherly responded to a fan on X (formerly known as Twitter), who shared their hopes in seeing him reunite with a "certain Chilean," assumed to be de Pablo, who is from Chile. As always, the actor wasn't completely direct in his post but shared that the "universe works in mysterious ways." This isn't the first time that Weatherly has teased a possible "Tiva" reunion, kicking off 2023 by hinting at the possibility.

Of course, nothing is confirmed. This could all just be Michael Weatherly's ploy to tease fans once again and not actually have anything happen. Since he did just return to NCIS and kept it all secret, who knows what could happen. There are only 10 episodes for Season 21 due to the strikes, so if anything were to happen, it's likely it would be held off for next season when there is more room to maybe even do another multi-episode arc.

Meanwhile, someone else who surprisingly didn't show up for the tribute episode was Mark Harmon, who departed at the beginning of Season 19. Co-showrunner Steven D. Binder told TVLine that they didn't want to bring Gibbs back for only two minutes, which makes sense. Since Harmon is returning to the franchise to executive produce and narrate NCIS: Origins, it's always possible he could pop over to the Mothership and once again work with his old team.

Fans will just have to wait and see if Tiva will reunite on-screen together again, or maybe even Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo could star in a new project together. In the meantime, new episodes of NCIS air on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.