'Manifest' Creators Continue Work Behind the Scenes for Netflix Move After Cancellation

The creator of Manifest are joining fans on social media in calling for a Netflix revival. NBC canceled the drama this week, and fans immediately began campaigning for Netflix to rescue it online. According to a report by Deadline, that plan is looking good.

Sources close to the Manifest production said that Warner Bros. TV and Netflix have been seriously discussing "the viability and financials" of handing the show over. Netflix has historically rescued a few broadcast shows from cancellation, but not as many as fans have asked for. However, the company does have a precedent for picking up a three-year-old show, with all of the pre-existing contracts and negotiations that entails. All of this comes after Manifest creator Jeff Rake tweeted the "Save Manifest" hashtag, publicly calling on the streamer for help.

The "Save Manifest" hashtag evolved into virtual "Twitter parties" this week, with fans agreeing to watch the show together and live-tweet certain episodes. Rake joined in enthusiastically, offering never-before-seen commentary on his own work and behind-the-scenes Easter eggs. He also used hashtags like "828 Ride or Die," and tagged cast members where appropriate.

Many fandoms look to Netflix when their favorite shows get canceled, but a strange coincidence gave Manifest fans a particularly strong case to make. NBC canceled the show on Monday night -- four days after the first two seasons were added to the Netflix catalog. Since it began streaming there, Manifest has been the number 1 show on Netflix, so it is clearly an easy victory of the company.

This has proven to be an important factor in Netflix rescue operations before as well. Lucifer saw a huge audience on Netflix each year after its broadcast season was over, and when Fox canceled the show in Season 3, Netflix eagerly picked it up. That is reportedly the most comparable deal to what Netflix and WBTV are working on now with Manifest.


NBC has another show "on the bubble" of being canceled this season which is performing well on Netflix -- Good Girls. The series has done consistently well on Netflix's ranking lists in the U.S., but it reportedly may be in danger of losing its broadcast home on NBC. If so, Netflix could be left to choose which show to rescue, if any. So far, nothing is official or set in stone. Manifest Season 1 and 2 are streaming now on Netflix.