'Lucifer' Season 6: Rachael Harris Finishes Her Work on Final Episodes

Rachael Harris is saying goodbye to Lucifer. As post-production on the sixth and final season continues, the actress, who starred as Linda Martin since the series' premiere, revealed that she has officially finished work on Lucifer Season 6, meaning her journey with the show has come to an end. Netflix announced in June 2020 the fan-favorite series would end with Season 6. Production on the final season wrapped in March, with the final episodes now in post-production.

Harris completed her work on the final season on Thursday, June 10, providing fans with the update in a new Instagram post from her final moments at work on the show. In the post, the actress revealed she had her "final ADR session" for Lucifer. She went on to send a message of gratitude, writing, "thank you for sharing Dr. Linda with me." With her work now finished, she said she "could not be more grateful to have been a part of" the series.

Harris is just the latest Lucifer star to bid farewell to the series. In March, her co-star, Lesley-Ann Brandt, penned an emotional message shared to Instagram after finishing filming on Season 6. Reflecting on the end of the show, Brandt wrote, "here we are, at the end of our journey you and I. We have laughed and cried, loved and lost and now we say goodbye, you and I." She added, "on this, our last day, I sit in immense gratitude that I told your story," speaking of her character, Mazikeen, before going on to address "the Lucifer family," which she noted "has grown over the years & extends further than the WB lot."

"It starts on the page & ends with what you see on screen, but it takes an entire family to make it so," she wrote. "I can't hug and thank you all individually but I'll say this. Thank you for helping become her. For working along side me, for showing up. I've made life long friendships. I've learned some incredible lessons. I've grown & I'm a better artist & actress for knowing you."


Lucifer initially premiered on Fox in 2014. The series aired on the network for three seasons before Fox decided not to move forward with a fourth. Shortly after the announcement, Netflix picked the series up for its streaming platform, where it has consistently performed well. The series dropped the second half of Season 5 in May, and Season 1-5 are currently available for streaming on Netflix. Season 6 does not yet have a premiere ate.