'Love Is Blind' Reunion Gets Tense When Vanessa Lachey Hit on by Contestant in Front of Husband Nick

A pair of cast members on Season 2 of Netflix's Love Is Blind had viewers cringe throughout the show: Shake and Shaina. Shaina found herself on the bad side of fans after she said yes to Kyle's proposal, only to drag him alone while she revealed her true feelings to Shayne, the latter of which was happily engaged to Natalie. Viewers shook their heads in disgust at Shake's obsession with the way he questioned female suitors on their body types. It was further magnified as he told producer and any co-star who would listen that he didn't find his fiancee Deepti physically attractive and likened her to an aunt in his family. But after the reunion special, it's obvious to many that the real villain turned out to be Shake.

As Shake defended his "preferences" on a physical aesthetic of a woman and justified his treatment and objectifying of Deepti through the way in which he spoke of her, things only got worse when hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey tried their best to make him see the error in his ways. Though they agree that everyone is entitled to their "preferences," they tried to drive home that Shake's delivery was less than stellar. But he didn't back down.

If he were so invested in physical attractiveness, Vanessa simply wanted to know why he would go on a dating show where the premise involved not unveiling their suitor until after a proposal. "I want the emotional connection — everything that we know the show is supposed to do," he shot back. "But there's also certain criteria there that goes beyond the emotional connection. Love is not purely blind to me…I want it to be partially blind. I want it to be: 'Love Is Blurry,' OK?"

That hosts responded that Shake was on the wrong show. "We all have our physical preferences," he said. "Listen, every woman here is beautiful. I think you're all beautiful. I'm not attracted to all of you."

The biggest shocker came when he turned his attention to Vanessa. "Unfortunately, the only one I'm attracted to is Vanessa," he said to her, in front of her husband. She was not impressed.

"I've done nothing but berate you this entire time," she told Shake. "That's a messed up relationship."

But Shake said it's uncontrollable. "You don't choose," he raved. "It's nature, baby. We're animals."


Nick disagreed, telling the Veteran, "No, you treat animals. We're human beings." By the end of the show, Shake agreed that he had some things to work on. His co-stars suggested he try a psychologist.