Kevin James Weighs in on 'The Crew' Season 1 Cliffhanger

When Kevin James' The Crew landed on Netflix, viewers binged through the NASCAR-centric show, only to discover a stunning cliffhanger. A season of episodes created a "will they, won't they" storyline between two main characters but left major questions after the last episode. Now James has responded.

The final episode of Season 1 features James' character, Kevin Gibson, struggling with a major decision. He wants to tell a coworker, Beth (Sarah Stiles), that he has strong feelings for her, but he also wants to be supportive of her move to New York with fiance Frank. Gibson ultimately has one final opportunity to tell Beth how he feels, but he lets her walk away.

Following the end of Season 1, there have been many questions about why Gibson didn't proclaim his love during his face-to-face meeting with Beth. They were alone, so it appeared to be a perfect time. James is aware of the questions, and he addressed them with a very direct message. "Because he cares for her," he told TVLine.

"He realizes that he could plow forward and say, ‘Hey, don’t go. I want you to stay here,’ but maybe that’s not the best thing," James explained during an interview. "I’m aware of my feelings [in that] moment, but I’m [not] sure that I’m the best one for her, to make her happy."

Stiles also spoke to TVLine and addressed the major moment between her and James' characters. She explained that Beth would have normally picked up on the clues and realized that Gibson was in love with her, but the whirlwind situation involving Frank prevented this. She's more focused on the upcoming move from NASCAR country to the Big Apple.


"I don’t think in that moment that she has any idea that that is what’s going on with him," Stiles told TVLine. "She’s so wrapped up in Frank and the move, and it’s all so much information that she’s not seeing it. Normally, she would pick on it. But I do think over the years, Beth has had those [same] feelings for Kevin. I think she loves him so much that sometimes it gets a little confusing."

The Crew Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix, providing a different view of NASCAR's Cup Series. James stars as the crew chief of the fictional Bobby Spencer Racing while Stiles stars as Beth, the person who makes the entire operation run smoothly. The cast also features Dan Ahdoot, Gary Anthony Williams, Freddie Stroma, and Jillian Mueller.