'The Crew': Netflix Show Ends in Heartbreaking Cliffhanger for Kevin James' Character

Netflix's The Crew landed on the streaming service on Monday and immediately became one of the top shows. Viewers binged through all of the episodes to see the ownership change at Bobby Spencer Racing, as well as the "will they, won't they" storyline featuring Kevin James' and Sarah Stiles' characters. However, the season came to an end with a heartbreaking cliffhanger. Spoilers Ahead for The Crew Season 1

The first season's final episode focuses on Kevin Gibson (James) coming to terms with his love for Beth, portrayed by Stiles. He meets with Chuck Stubbs (Gary Anthony Williams) and Amir (Dan Ahdoot) in order to come up with a plan to declare his love. However, he does not get the opportunity.

Early on in Season 1, Beth dates a businessman named Frank. The two break up after a large fight, but Frank makes an ill-timed return. He declares his love for Beth in front of Gibson and then proposes. She accepts and makes the stunning decision to join Frank in New York.

Gibson tries to make one last-ditch effort to keep Beth in Charlotte after realizing how much she means to him. He sets up an elaborate plan to meet with her at the local watering hole, where he will finally deliver the news. Instead, Gibson says nothing.

Fans have wondered why Gibson didn't proclaim his love when given the opportunity. He and Beth were alone, so it seemed like the perfect time. As it turns out, James had a very simple explanation. "Because he cares for her," he told TVLine.

"He realizes that he could plow forward and say, ‘Hey, don’t go. I want you to stay here,’ but maybe that’s not the best thing," James explained during an interview. "I’m aware of my feelings [in that] moment, but I’m [not] sure that I’m the best one for her, to make her happy."

Stiles also spoke to the outlet about the now-infamous moment. She explained that the Beth character would have normally picked up on the clues that hinted at James' true feelings. The situation was different during the season finale due to the surprising trip to New York.


"I don’t think in that moment that she has any idea that that is what’s going on with him," Stiles told TVLine. "She’s so wrapped up in Frank and the move, and it’s all so much information that she’s not seeing it. Normally, she would pick on it. But I do think over the years, Beth has had those [same] feelings for Kevin. I think she loves him so much that sometimes it gets a little confusing."

The entire first season of The Crew is now streaming on Netflix. The NASCAR-centric series features James and Stiles in main roles. They partner with Jillian Mueller, Williams, Ahdoot, and Freddie Stroma to tell a different NASCAR story. The show also features Kim Coates (Sons of Anarchy) and Bruce McGill (Rizzoli & Isles) in guest roles.