'GLOW' Cast Actively Pushed for Greater Diversity and Inclusion Before Cancellation

A few cast members from the Netflix series GLOW sent a letter to the network and the show's [...]

A few cast members from the Netflix series GLOW sent a letter to the network and the show's producers earlier this year, and it talks about having more diversity and inclusion moving forward. Sunita Mani, who portrayed Arthie Premkumar in the now-canceled series, revealed the letter in on an Instagram account. It was co-signed by Sydelle Noel, Britney Young, Shakira Barrera, Kia Stevens, and Ellen Wong. One of the things pointed out in the letter is not having more diversity in the writer's room.

"GLOW has been marketed as a diverse ensemble, but for all of us diverse cast members, it has never lived up to these ideals," the letter stated. "Since Season 1, the show has planted racial stereotyping into our character's existence, yet your storylines are relegated to the sidelines in dealing with this conflict or have left us feeling like checked-boxes on a list. Unfortunately, we feel that the promise of this show has not been fulfilled. There is incredible support, love, and camaraderie amidst the 'GLOW' cast, and it should go without saying that we are not here to take down our white castmates or our show, but to elevate us all in a deeper, more significant way. With zero persons of color in the writer's room this season, it is a huge oversight to be writing our narratives without anyone else to represent us besides ourselves."

The letter reveals a few requests the cast members have for the final season of GLOW. They recommended the producers to "hire an executive producer or consulting producer of color." The cast members also wanted the producers to "fully address how portraying stereotypical and racial offensive wrestling personas has impacted our character's professional lives and personal dignity." The letter also asked the producers to "amplify our voices and our importance within the season narrative."

The letter ends by saying, "We would greatly appreciate having a conversation with you all, in order to discuss these disparities and what revisions will be implemented in the upcoming season. We hope we can be leaders together in fighting for true equality!" Mani's Instagram post also includes a statement on the letter and revealed the producers read the letter and were in the process of implementing some of the requests for the upcoming season. GLOW filmed one episode of Season 4 before being shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is the big reason why Netflix canceled the show.