'Enola Holmes 2' Teased by Stars Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill and Louis Partridge at Netflix TUDUM Event

Fans got their first look at Enola Holmes 2 on Saturday as part of Netflix's TUDUM virtual fan event, though there is not much to see yet. The new teaser came right at the end of the 3-hour livestream, and consisted mainly of stars Millie Bobby Brown, Louis Partridge and Henry Cavill talking excitedly about the movie. They begin filming soon, so there is no new footage to show off yet.

To start, Partridge joined Brown to reveal that both have read the new script and they are excited to be reunited in person for the first time since filming the first installment. Partridge said he could sum up the movie in one word: "Adventure," and that the themes of the movie are generally "family and teamwork." Partridge also said that he is excited to work with Cavill this time around, and perhaps to get in on some of the action scenes.

From there, Brown threw the camera to Cavill, who said that he will be on the set of Enola Holmes 2 "in a few days." Behind him was a photo of himself and Brown as Sherlock and Enola Holmes sitting beneath a tree and talking. For a closer look, fans will have to wait for the movie to be done.

Enola Holmes was one of the biggest Netflix original films of 2020, premiering in September and soaring to the top of the streamer's in-house charts. It stars Brown as the iconic detective's younger sister, thrust into an adventure of her own without the reputation or privilege of her elder siblings.

The movie is based on a young adult novel called The Enola Holmes Mysteries: The Case of the Missing Marquess by Nancy Springer. Springer has written five other stories in the series, so Netflix has plenty of room to expand the franchise from here. Fans are hoping that they go all the way, but for now they will be content with the next installment.

Of course, scheduling Enola Holmes around other productions might be the biggest challenge. Both Brown and Cavill are A-list stars these days, and they are needed on the sets of other huge Netflix productions. Brown will be returning to the nostalgic fantasy version of Indiana soon for Stranger Things Season 4, while Cavill will be back in his wig and armor in The Witcher Season 2. In fact, after the Enola Holmes preview, Cavill transitioned straight into some big Witcher announcements.

Hopefully, there are enough hours in the day for all of these projects to get done. The Witcher Season 2 hits Netflix on Friday, Dec. 17, 2021, and Stranger Things Season 4 is expected to premiere sometime in 2022. There is no release date in place for the Enola Holmes sequel just yet.