'Dark Desire': Netflix Reveals New Erotic Thriller After '365 Days' Success

Netflix is adding more erotic content to its streaming library. The platform announced an all-new series, Dark Desire, which seems like it would appeal to anyone who watched the polish thriller 365 DNI.

The Mexican drama series centers on a woman, Alma (Maite Perroni), a law school professor who has a hunch that her husband, Leonardo (Jorge Poza), is cheating on her. After she meets a mysterious man named Dario (Alejandro Speitzer), she flirts with the idea of having an affair herself. What follows is a dangerous web of lies, deceit and violence. As of Thursday, all 18 episodes are currently available to binge. As an added bonus, users can even remove it from their 'Continue Watching' column.

The series comes just a month after the release of 365 DNI, an erotic Polish feature about a woman who was kidnapped by a local mob boss and given one year to fall in love with him. Despite its dedicated fanbase, the film managed to cause quite a bit of controversy. Several viewers argued that the film glorified criminal acts, in-particular romanticizing the notion of Stockholm Syndrome.

Like 365 DNI, Dark Desire has also drawn comparisons to Fifty Shades of Grey, another erotically-charged story that centered on a less-than-conventional relationship. The fact that it's the sixth-most-watched thing in the U.S. as of Monday shows that it's managed to find a fanbase all its own.

Elsewhere on the platform, Netflix has reportedly renewed its workplace sitcom/military parody Space Force for a second season, following its premiere back in May. While it has yet to be confirmed by the streaming service officially, a source close to the production told What's Next on Netflix that the Steve Carell comedy has gotten a green light for another round of episodes despite decidedly mixed reviews.


Space Force is a sendup of the controversial new branch of the U.S. Military that was launched by President Donald Trump, which itself is meant to give the U.S. a foothold for any outer space combat. Carell stars as General Mark R. Naird, a career military man who finds himself surprised to be put in charge of the branch.