'Criminal Minds' Just Left Netflix

July is off to a rough start for Criminal Minds fans, as the series was just removed from Netflix on Thursday, June 30. The streamer previously had Seasons 1 through 10 of the procedural drama available to binge-watch, but it disappeared all at once last month. If you're looking for an alternative place to watch it, try Paramount+.

Criminal Minds is a popular show for binge-watching these days, so it's no surprise that fans were devastated when it was taken off of Netflix at the end of June. However, those fans can still find the show on Paramount+, which has all 15 seasons — not just the first 10. Those fans would have had to subscribe to Paramount+ eventually anyway, since the streamer is developing a Criminal Minds sequel series as we speak. There's no firm release date for that project yet, but in the meantime you can binge-watch the show to prepare.

Alternatively, you can find three seasons of Criminal Minds on Hulu and one season on Amazon Prime Video. All 15 seasons are available to rent or purchase on digital platforms like Prime Video, YouTube and iTunes, among others. Finally, if you really want to secure access to binge and re-watch Criminal Minds to your heart's content, the safest bet is a hard copy. At the time of this writing, the entire series is available in one DVD box set for $119.99.

Criminal Minds is a police procedural drama about a unique FBI team tasked with profiling murderers and violent criminals. They use behavioral analysis to investigate crimes and track down perpetrators -- often sociopaths and psychopaths. The show was a unique hit in its genre, reaching a younger demographic than procedurals often succeed with and maintaining high ratings for a decade and a half on the air.


Criminal Minds just concluded its run in 2020, but it wasn't long before Paramount+ began work on a follow-up. In 2021, the streamer ordered a 10-episode revival series which is in the works now. At the same time, it ordered a docu-series called The Real Criminal Minds about the science of behavior analysis that inspired the show. So far, neither project has a premiere date set. All 15 seasons of Criminal Minds are streaming now on Paramount+.