Carole Baskin Documentary Series Gets November Premiere Date

Carole Baskin may not be taking part in Tiger King Season 2, but she will be telling her side of the story in Carole Baskin's Cage Fight on Discovery+. The streamer just announced a new docu-series about Baskin, to premiere on Saturday, Nov. 13.

According to Discovery+, Carole Baskin's Cage Fight will depict how the release of Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness on Netflix impacted Baskin's real life. It will likely give details on Baskin's public claims that she was misled by the film crew of that series and misrepresented on screen. Cage Fight will also reportedly show some of the fallout from that release, including "rumors about Baskin's business and personal life, which she dismisses as gossip spread by her foes in an effort to detract from her life's mission: to finally end the abuse of big cats in the United States."

Cage Fight is a two-part documentary centering around Baskin and her husband, Howard. Beyond the drama of Tiger King, it will dive deep into their animal rescue work, highlight some of the hands-on actions they take with their team. The show will even portray them "coming into direct confrontations with dangerous operators."

Baskin is the CEO of the non-profit Big Cat Rescue, which is an animal sanctuary near Tampa, Florida that takes in big cats that have been kept in captivity in zoos around the U.S. Tiger King focused on the rivalry between her and zoo owner Joe Exotic, who obsessed over Baskin and was found guilty of two counts of murder for hire in an attempt to have her killed.

Tiger King also relayed the conspiracy theory that Baskin was involved in the disappearance of her husband Don Lewis, giving lots of airtime to Exotic's speculation that Baskin murdered him and fed his remains to her tigers to destroy any evidence. The fact that this story warranted a whole episode of Tiger King is presumably why Baskin feels betrayed by the filmmaker.


When Netflix released the trailer for Tiger King Season 2 last week, Baskin issued a statement to TV Line confirming that she would not be participating. It read: "I don't know how they put out a Tiger King 2 when Joe Schreibvogel's [Exotic] in jail and I'm refusing to be played again. [Co-director] Rebecca Chaiklin said she wanted to 'clear the air' about what they did to me in Tiger King. I told her to lose my number. There is no explanation for such a betrayal and false portrayal."

Tiger King Season 2 will include footage of Baskin, but it is leftover footage from the filming of Season 1. The show premieres on Wednesday, Nov. 17 on Netflix. Carole Baskin's Cage Fight premieres on Saturday, Nov. 13, on Discovery+.