'A.P. Bio' Renewed for Season 4 at Peacock

A.P. Bio has been officially renewed for Season 4 at Peacock, after moving to the streaming service from NBC ahead of its third season. According to Deadline, the fourth season of the show will debut sometime in 2021, and will consist of eight episodes. The show had previously been canceled after Season 2, but an online movement of fans was successful in getting the network to bring the show back on Peacock.

"Everyone involved is so excited to do more episodes," said A.P. Bio creator, writer and executive producer Mike O’Brien. "We’re so thankful to Peacock and everyone who watched! Season 3 was the most fun we’ve had. I want to dig even deeper into the main characters and also keep messing with the sitcom format." A.P. Bio follows the misguided hijinks of former Harvard philosophy scholar Jack Griffin, whose fall from grace laded him in his hometown of Toledo, Ohio, where he now works as the A.P. Biology teacher at the local high school. The show stars Glenn Howerton (It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia) as Griffin, as well as Paula Pell, Patton Oswalt, Mary Sohn, Lyric Lewis and Jean Villepique.

Earlier this year, Howerton spoke with Collider about the show, and shared his take on the lack of high school-set TV shows in modern television. "It doesn't seem like a lot of them survive for some reason, in spite of the fact that [high school] is a universal experience," Howerton offered. "So there's something there, but I think there has to probably be a level of authenticity or something to it that makes people want to stay — because they already experienced high school once and they're not sure if they want to do it again."

Oswalt also joined the conversation, speaking out about his character, Principal Durbin, who he says is "the kind of guy who would have wanted to be friends with the equivalent of Jack in his high school and would have loved to have had that up in status." He added, "Since that never happened for him he's taking that now, but it's still happening in a high school. It's still happening in a social setting. It's still happening about pecking order, alphas and betas and omegas and all that stuff, all that. The cliques never really go away. Even if the cliques go away, you carry them around in your head." Seasons 1-3 of A.P. Bio are currently streaming on Peacock.