Patton Oswalt Mourns 'A.P. Bio' Cancellation, Hopes Netflix or Hulu Saves It

We're near the end of the 2018-2019 television season and we've seen many shows earn renewals [...]

We're near the end of the 2018-2019 television season and we've seen many shows earn renewals while others fell to the ratings gods. As we reach the very end, many of the lingering shows are getting a final decision as their season wraps up. A.P. Bio is one of the final cancellations for NBC, leaving fans and actors on the series mourning its demise.

Series creator Mike O'Brien made the announcement on Twitter and praised the cast and crew. Once the news started to make its way around, some members of the cast spoke up soon after, including Patton Oswalt.

The comedian first tweeted out his feelings about the cancellation, including how much fun it was to put together each week.

(Photo: Twitter/Patton Oswalt)

"This has...not been a great day," Oswalt started his tweet. "Please read this thread and know everyone on [A.P. Bio] had the most fun making that show and we're sad that none of us get to see where it was gonna go. But we're glad for the trip we got to take. Thank you, [Mike O'Brien]."

Oswalt's note for the show earned a lot of responses from followers and fans, including Star Wars legend Mark Hamill who called the cancellation "awful news!" It also earned a response from co-star Aparna Brielle.

"Thank you for everything, Patton," she wrote to Oswalt. "We've all learned so much from you & I'm grateful to call you a friend."

But not long after the cancellation news, a movement to "Save A.P. Bio" sprouted up. It followed the same path as campaigns to save shows like The Expanse, Lucifer, and the ill-fated Whiskey Cavalier. Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are popular targets for picking up canceled shows, which Oswalt and his followers grafted on to.

"Do NOT start shutting up [Save A.P. Bio]," Oswalt wrote online. He also retweeted another fan that called out Netflix directly to pick up the show.

He also pressed fans to take in a binge of the series on Hulu, where they can currently stream 22 episodes.

"I mean, there's no better way to spend Memorial Day than binge-ing [A.P. Bio] on [Hulu]," Oswalt wrote on the social platform. "Who KNOWS what might happen if those numbers spiked? Whoooooo knows?"

(Photo: Twitter/Patton Oswalt)

He finished the tweet with the hashtags "Save A.P. Bio" and "Binge Bio on Hulu."

Oswalt wasn't alone with the laments over the series ending. Actress Paula Pell ripped NBC over the cancellation and praised her time on the show.

"I've had many head scratching losses coming from the Decisions Dept. in show biz, but this one HURTS," Pell wrote on Twitter, following it with a second tweet. "Apparently NBC is replacing [A.P. Bio] with a new show that's generating a lot of buzz. Military meets comedy. Major Diarrhea premiering this fall."

Despite being low-rated, A.P. Bio had a cult following for the network and joined the network's other comedies with similar numbers. This includes fan-favorites The Good Place and Superstore.

Could the comedy get picked up? Will it change plans for star Glenn Howerton's other series, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? We'll have to see.

A.P. Bio still has four episodes left to air and will return May 30 with a double feature.