'The Amazing Digital Circus' Reveals 'Cursed' Glitches From Horror Series' Production

'The Amazing Digital Circus' premiered its pilot episode in October and has gone on to earn more than 235 million views.

Gooseworx's animated pilot for The Amazing Digital Circus may be earning rave reviews for its animation style, but bringing the story of Pomni and crew to life isn't always smooth sailing. Offering fans of the 3D-animated web series, which is available to watch on YouTube, a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process, animation studio Glitch Productions revealed some of the "cursed" glitches from production.

According to Glitch, achieving the creative styling of the horror series is no easy feat, and there are a few terrifying mishaps along the way. In fact, Glitch revealed that the team behind the series has a chat on their discord server "where the artists post random funni glitches during a show's production." Glitch called the chat "a very cursed place" as it shared four examples of some of those glitches. Replying to the post, one fan quipped, "Oh no. They're abstracting," with somebody else hilariously noting, "well i mean you are Glitch Production after all."

The Amazing Digital Circus debuted on the Glitch YouTube channel back on Oct. 13 and follows a group of humans attempting to maintain their sanity after they become stuck in a circus-themed virtual world, all unable to recall their names and details of their pasts. The group finds themselves at the mercy of an artificial intelligence (A.I.) that takes the form of an eccentric "ringmaster" named Caine. The independent animated web series' voice cast features Lizzie Freeman (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Genshin Impact) as Pomni, Alex Rochon as Caine, Michael Kovach (Angeldust in Hazbin Hotel) as Jax, and Sean Chiplock (Revali in Zelda Breath of the Wild) as Kinger. Amanda Hufford, Marissa Lenti, Ashley Nichols, and Elsie Lovelock also voice characters.

The Amazing Digital Circus has received high praise for its animation style. Speaking with Cartoon Brew, Jasmine Yang, Glitch general manager and development producer, said that "when developing the look, we wanted to ride the line between retro 3d and toys... We ended up going for a rose-tinted version of that, the way our child brains perceived these amazing revolutionary graphics at the time... Above anything else, I just wanted it to feel kind of lonely."

Since its release, The Amazing Digital Circus' pilot episode has garnered more than 235 million views on YouTube. To date, only a single episode has been released, though Glitch confirmed in November after the pilot surpassed 100 million views, "there will be more Digital Circus." Episode 2 does not have a release date at this time.