'The Amazing Digital Circus' Episode 2 Trailer Is Finally Here

The gang heads to Candy Canyon Kingdom in Episode 2.

The Amazing Digital Circus has finally revealed an official trailer for Season 1, Episode 2, six months after the pilot episode's premiere. The YouTube show has been a massive success so far, with Glitch Productions ordering the show to series back in November. On Friday, the company shared the trailer for Episode 2 of the Gooseworx-created show. The whole episode premieres on May 3.

In the preview, TADC ringmaster Caine (Alex Rochon) teases a candy-themed adventure featuring Pomni (Lizzie Freeman), Jax (Michael Kovach), Ragatha (Amanda Hufford), Gangle (Marissa Lenti), Kinger (Sean Chiplock), Bubble (Gooseworx) and Zooble (Ashley Nichols).

"On the next all-new episode of The Amazing Digital Circus, the funny circus gang takes a trip to the deliciously delectable Candy Canyon Kingdom," he says, before calling the episode "a real radiant riot" and "sickly, sweet ole time." He also banters with a very confused Pomni.

We see a few new creatures in the clip, including one that looks like a candied elephant, a candy monarch, and a group of cowboy alligators. There are also visual homages to Mad Max: Fury Road and Get Out.

The Amazing Digital Circus Episode 2 will stream free on YouTube alongside other Glitch Productions shows like Murder Drones. The Amazing Digital Circus Episode 1 remains available there and has reached a staggering 306 million views.