Netflix's 'You': When Will Season 3 Premiere?

Netflix struck gold when it picked up You on its streaming service after the show initially aired on Lifetime. The series aired its second season on Netflix on Dec. 26, which was a darker installment to the series. The show is based off Caroline Kepnes' best-selling novel.

On Jan. 14, Netflix announced that You had been renewed for a third season. As of this time, an exact release date has not been unveiled but it is expected that the next installment will come out in 2021. The third season will feature 10 episodes.

Both of the show's co-creators, Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti, will be back at the helm with Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti returning to star in their respective roles.

In an interview with Vogue, Badgley spoke about his character, Joe Goldberg, and the dynamic response his role has received from the fans. Badgley, who first rose to stardom as Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl, was surprised at the response to his character and how viewers almost were cheering for the bad guy.

He brought up how many people are pulling for his serial-killer character.

"But then, also, the conversation around Joe and why we like him and why we're so ready to forgive him. I personally found that to be really interesting, because you don't always have that around shows and around characters," he said. "You don't always have people trying to elevate the conversation. Sometimes people just watch it and then leave it behind but somehow what we've made seems to encourage people to think. That's what's rewarding about it."

When we left off after the Season 2 finale, Badgley's Goldberg had met his match, both in life and perhaps in crazieness in Pedretti's Love Quinn. The two are seen moving in together when Goldberg looks over the fence and locks eyes on someone else before the camera cuts out, signifying that another person may be on his radar.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Badgley revealed he was a bit surprised at how the season left off. He doesn't believe his character truly wants love and that this isn't going to well.


"He’s not actually a person who just needs somebody who loves him," Badgley said. "He’s a murderer! He’s a sociopath. He’s abusive. He’s delusional. And he’s self-obsessed. You can’t fool yourself into thinking that he just needs somebody who’s right for him. Nobody’s right for him! So actually, the ending’s perfect. This is the way it has to be because he has an irrefutable problem and if it was just like, ‘They were made for each other, all he needed to find was somebody who kills people too,’ that’s not justice."

Both Season 1 and 2 of You can be streamed on Netflix.