WWE: Vince McMahon's Wealth Has Reportedly Grown by $177 Million During the Pandemic

Ratings might be down for WWE television during the COVID-19 pandemic, but Vince McMahon's wealth is on the rise. In a report by an association of advocacy groups based on Forbes estimates, via The Middletown Press, McMahon, WWE's CEO and owner, has seen his net worth increase by $177 million. When the pandemic began, McMahon's net worth was at $1.8 billion. In June it's has grown to 1.977 billion, an increase of 10 percent.

However, McMahon's net worth is still down from where it was in 2019. At that time, he was sitting at $3.2 billion, which was significant growth from 2018 when he was at $1.5 billion. It looks like McMahon is on the way back, but the question is how and why? Even though ratings for WWE's top shows Raw and SmackDown are down compared to last year, WWE is one of the few sports and entertainment organizations in the world that haven't stopped due to the pandemic. Instead of traveling all over the world to do shows, WWE is filming shows at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. The promotion even held their biggest event of the year, WrestleMania, at the Performance Center instead of Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. WWE is looking to have shows with fans soon, but with growing COVD-19 cases in the company and across the country, that might take some time.

McMahon has been overseeing everything with the WWE shows as he has done ever since taking over the company in 1980. In a 2017 interview with NOLA.com, McMahon, who was 71 at the time, was asked about slowing down due to his age. He replied: "This is not work for me. I never go to work. Ever. Every aspect of the business, whether it's working with the talent or the writing staff, even on occasion working with the legal guys, it's all a big family. I never go to work."

McMahon is responsible for WWE taking over pro wrestling with the emergence of Superstars such as Hulk Hogan, Brett "The Hitman" Hart, The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, John Cena, and The Rock. He has also seen action in the ring as he is a former WWE and ECW Champion. McMahon also won the Royal Rumble Match in 1999.