WWE's Miz and Maryse Tease 'Big Announcement'

It looks like WWE Superstars The Miz and Maryse have something very big to announce. The couple recently took to Instagram to announce a "big announcement" is coming for the couple. They began teasing it last week, and based on previous posts, the announcement will likely come on Thursday. 

It could be a number of different things when it comes to the announcement since The Miz and Maryse are involved in different projects. The news likely won't be about a new season of Miz & Mrs. is coming since it was renewed in Season 3 back in May. When speaking to PopCulture.com last year, the couple said they have other things in the works, but nothing is official yet. 

When it comes to their WWE careers, The Miz is off TV as he's currently competing in Dancing With the Stars. As for Maryse, she has made sporadic appearances on TV but hasn't competed full-time in 10 years. When speaking to PopCulture in April, Maryse talked about being ranked No. 37 in WWE's 50 Greatest Women's Superstars list. 

"I should have been No. 1," Maryse said "It's that simple. I don't know who did this list." She went on to say that it is an honor to be ranked among a talented group. However, The Miz hyped up his wife since she had a very successful career. 

"Longest reigning Divas champions in history," The Miz explained. " And she did it at a time when it was very difficult to hold a title like that and she did it and she did it very well. That's just me saying so for 37. In my mind, it's an honor just to be on the list." The Miz knows about success in WWE as he's the first and only Superstar to win the Grand Slam championship twice. 


"I worked hard for it and I dedicated myself." The Miz told PopCulture. "And even with the doubts that I had, in my brain, I said, alright, I'm going to develop all these tools that can get me to where I need to be. And when I need to be there, I will be prepared, and I will be ready. And I'm now ready and prepared for any situation that is thrown at me."