Mike and Maryse Mizanin Tease What Fans Can Expect From New 'Miz & Mrs' Episodes (Exclusive)

Mike and Maryse Mizanin are back for more fun as new episodes from the second season of their series Miz & Mrs. begin airing today on the USA Network. But what can fans expect from the rest of Season 2? PopCulture.com recently caught up with the couple and revealed what was seen in Season 1 and the first six episodes of Season 2 will be no different from its next set of new episodes.

"There is a lot of shenanigans, a lot of funny and a lot of drama," Mike, also known as The Miz in WWE, told PopCulture. "But I feel like our drama is more funny-based rather than dramatic-based." In the upcoming episodes, the Mizanins get ready to welcome their second child into the world. Madison Jade Mizanin was born in September of last year, and big sister, Monroe who was born in March 2018, has been featured on the show since Season 1. But along with Mike, Maryse, Monroe and Madison, Miz & Mrs. Also features the parents, including Mike's Dad, George Mizanin, who gained fame when he in Mike's corner at WrestleMania 35 last year. George has stood out in the show for his antics, and it's the same story for the new episodes of Season 2.

"My dad retires from his job," Mike stated. "What does that mean? More time at our place, more time with the girls. We try to find him a hobby to get him out of our house." That didn't work as Mike revealed that George bought a food truck and called it "Miz Steaks and Wieners." Mike says his father "uses my fame and my brand to exploit me and use me for his benefit." While Mike and Maryse are taking care of George, they are also good parents to Monroe and Madison while advancing their professional careers.

"With the second [child], you know what to do with a kid," Maryse said. "But it's harder because we don't sleep. For me, the anxiety of trying to work and do everything that I do with taking care of my kids because I want to be good at everything. I want to be the perfect mom. I want to be great with everything that I do in my entertainment business."


Miz & Mrs. has been a successful show on USA Network as it shows the life of the two WWE superstars and their family. But while the show is still in the early stages of Season 2, Mike and Maryse are up for a third season. "We would love a Season 3," Mike stated. "We have so much fun. It's brought our families so much together. The only time my dad wants to visit us is where we're filming."