Watch: WWE's Liv Morgan Breaks Down in Tears While Discussing Her Career

Liv Morgan is ready to take the next step in her WWE career. This past weekend, WWE Network released a clip of Morgan being interviewed hours before her match at Elimination Chamber, which took place earlier this month. When she saw her picture on the ringside chairs, she got emotional.

"I just walked in the building and the first thing I saw was all the girls that are main eventing tonight," she said. "That's the first time my face has been on anything. I'm happy they're in there, but there are no friends in the chamber. It's everyone for themselves and that's more so what I've been prepping myself for. This is what I live for. Getting the opportunity to win tonight and go to WrestleMania and face Becky Lynch for the Raw Women's Championship. I have so much to give and all I wanted to do is to give it. It's huge for me it's not something that I take lightly. It means everything to me.

The clip was posted on YouTube and it has been viewed more than 120,000 times. Morgan didn't win the match, but she received a ton of love on social media.

"She has a natural charisma that makes you want to root for her," one person wrote on YouTube. "To me, it's the same way I root for Trish during her prime. I just hope WWE will not waste that potential."

"Liv Morgan is SO beautiful and super sexy, is a goddess that Queen, I love this women... Is perfection!" another fan wrote.


"She was my pick to win the elimination chamber, it didn't happen, but I can see her being champion real soon!!!"

Morgan, 25, began her WWE career in 2014 on the NXT brand. She was part of NXT for three years before moving to the main roster. She made her main roster debut on SmackDown Live on Nov. 21, 2017, and she was a member of the Riott Squad with Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan. The group split in 2019, and Morgan went on to be a singles competitor. Before her match at Elimination Chamber, she was involved in a feud with Lana. WrestleMania will air this weekend, and Morgan will not take part in a match. At Elimination Chamber, Morgan lost to Shayna Baszler, who will face Lynch for the Raw Women's Championship.