Watch: Will Ferrell Crashes Seahawks Virtual Team Meeting, Poses as Greg Olsen

The Seattle Seahawks introduced a new player during their virtual team meeting on Thursday. Earlier this year, the team signed tight end Greg Olsen after spending the last few years with the Carolina Panthers. And on Wednesday, the Seahawks players got a look at Olsen who looks a lot like actor Will Ferrell. Actually, it is the Old School actor just wearing an Olsen jersey. Ferrell crashed the Seahawks team meeting, and the players loved it.

"Russ, I love you," the Seahawks fan said to Russell Wilson in the call. "I love the way you play, I love the way you handle yourself as a human being. I love you. Let's make a baby, you know?" Ferrell/Olson went to reveal his own playbook. He showed the Seahawks the plays they should run are revealed how many snaps he'll play each game this upcoming season. "I'm only gonna play about 12 plays a game," he told the group. "I'm an older guy. I'm 36. But I've been working out."

Ferrell is actually 52, and head coach Pete Carroll told him he needed to work on his core before the season kicks off. Ferrell said his core his fine as he's been doing a lot of yoga and nothing else. Ferrell then ended his cameo appearance by throwing it over to the real Olsen who said: "that was awesome." Carroll decided to have Ferrell talk to the Seahawks players because he wants to build camaraderie during the meetings since they can't be together and work out due to the coronavirus pandemic."

"We're into the virtual Phase One for the first time ever. Our coaches have spent a lot of time trying to be creative and inventive in how we're going to present stuff to try to capture them," Carroll said to reporters after the NFL Draft. "One of the things about our program is it's so energetic and there is so much interaction and relationship stuff that goes on. This is going to be different. It's going to tax us in a different way. We are looking for all of the edges that we can find and the nuances that we can create that will make this a really special and unique time that will be meaningful."