Why Alex Rodriguez and Torrie Wilson Broke Up

When it comes to Alex Rodriguez's relationships he is most known for being with Jennifer Lopez. But before the MLB legend got together with the Marry Me star, Rodriguez was dating a WWE Superstar. From 2011-2015, Rodriguez was in a relationship with Torrie Wilson. And while the two have since moved on, one can't help to wonder why Rodriguez and Wilson broke up. 

According to Page Six in 2015, Rodriguez and Wilson called things off because the World Series champion wasn't willing to commit. Additionally, Rodriguez's ex-wife, Cynthia Scurtis, played a large role in his life at the time.  "Alex and Torrie would fight over his flirtations with other women, and he wasn't ready to settle down again," one source told Page Six at the time. Another source said that Rodriguez and Curtis remain close as they have two daughters together. The former couple got divorced in 2008. 

"Cynthia continues to play a large role in Alex's personal life and business affairs, even though she recently got engaged to someone else," the second source said. When Rodriguez was dating Wilson, he was still playing for the New York Yankees. Wilson was retired from professional wrestling and focused on her acting career. When speaking to the Baltimore Sun in 2009. Wilson explained why she left WWE, which has to do with a back injury. 

"It's kind of a freak thing," she said. "I never thought it was a bad back injury. Every once in a while for the year leading up to when it started really getting bad, it would lock up on me and I'd be laying on my floor, on my bed, wherever, for 30 minutes at a time because I physically couldn't even move. I was in tears. I just let it go, let it go, and it got to a point where, when I had matches I was really, really scared that it would lock up while I was wrestling and I wouldn't be able to move in front of a crowd. The last straw was when I had a match, I think it was on Smackdown, and I actually went to Vince [McMahon] and Johnny Ace and said, 'Look, I don't think I can wrestle. My back's been hurting me and I'm afraid it's going to lock up and I'll look like an idiot out there.'"

Wilson, 47, married Justin Tupper on Sept. 19, 2019. Rodriguez, 47, retired from baseball following the 2016 season and dated a few women before getting together with his current girlfriend Jac Cordeiro.