Vanessa Bryant Shares Tribute to Kobe and Gianna From Khloe Kardashian

Vanessa Bryant is happy with the gift she received from her friend Khloe Kardashian. On Tuesday, [...]

Vanessa Bryant is happy with the gift she received from her friend Khloe Kardashian. On Tuesday, Bryant went to her Instagram story to post a gingerbread house that included a tribute to her late husband, Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, and their late daughter, Gianna Bryant. In the video, Vanessa Bryant is showing the house to her daughter Bianka, pointing out the names on the roof, and also her other daughters, Natalia and Capri, according to Entertainment Tonight.

"Khloe, thank you so much, it's beautiful," Bryant said in the video. "I love it." The gift comes after Bryant sent gifts to her friends. Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner recently showed off their pair of limited edition Nike Kobe 6 Protro "Grinch" sneakers, given to them by Bryant. The shoes will be on sale to the public on Christmas Eve and retail anywhere from $130 to $180.

Kobe and Gianna died in a helicopter crash in January along with seven other people. In November, Bryant celebrated her and Kobe's 21st anniversary of when they first met. On Instagram, Bryant wrote, "Love at first sight 11/27/99 [21]." The two met while on a video shoot for Kobe's rap album. They got married two years later.

"It was a two-day video shoot, and I was always looking for her, like I wanted to know where she was. I would finish a take and go to my trailer but I would wonder where she was the entire time," Bryant said during the Showtime documentary, Kobe Bryant's Muse. "Then I would come out of the trailer and just wanted to talk to her some more, in between takes and stuff like that."

One of the things that they bonded on was their love for Disney. "She was just beautiful," Kobe stated. "We literally did everything together. Everything together. And I thought I was a big dork because I loved Disneyland. I loved the Disney movies and things like that, but I never really had a chance to go to the park much. She was a big Disney fan, too, and we used to hang out at Disneyland, we used to go to Magic Mountain, she became my best friend."