Tyler Skaggs Will Be Honored With Moment of Silence at Tuesday Night's Angels Game

Tuesday night's Los Angeles Angels game will feature a moment of silence for Tyler Skaggs, the [...]

Tuesday night's Los Angeles Angels game will feature a moment of silence for Tyler Skaggs, the pitcher who passed away unexpectedly on Monday. Skaggs was found dead in a Texas hotel room and Monday, and while there is no cause of death in place at this time, his team is already in mourning.

Words of Skaggs' moment of silence first came from the Texas Rangers, the Angels' opponents on Tuesday night. The two teams were meant to face off on Monday, but after Skaggs passed away both teams graciously agreed to postpone the match.

Now, the show will go on without Skaggs, and the players will take the field with heavy hearts. The Rangers announced a pre-game moment of silence for Skaggs, as well as a huge charitable donation in his name. All of the proceeds from the Rangers' in-house raffle will go the Angels Baseball Foundation, which helps foster health, education and excellence in the L.A. community.

Fans were touched by the Rangers' display of generosity and sportsmanship in the wake of such a confusing tragedy. On social media, many Angels fans responded to the Rangers thanking them for honoring Skaggs so thoroughly in their city.

"If we can take a positive out of such a tragedy, it's that people really come together in times like this," one fan wrote. "It's so refreshing to see in a time where this country is so divided. Baseball family is such a tight knit family. Cheers and love to faith in humanity."

"Thank you guys so much from this Angels fan! Rangers staff, players and fans are wonderful! Here's to a good, entertaining series!" added another.

Skaggs was found dead in his hotel room on Monday before he was meant to play against the Rangers. His teammates announced his passing a few hours later, but so far few details are available.

On Tuesday, the Southlake Police Department stated that Skaggs' death did not seem to be a suicide. Ruling that out, fans are left with little understanding of what happened to Skaggs and why. A full autopsy was conducted on Tuesday.

"It is with great sorrow that we report Tyler Skaggs passed away earlier today in Texas," read the Angels' full statement. "Tyler has, and always will be, an important part of the Angels Family. Our thoughts and prayers are with his entire family during this devastating time."

Skaggs was less than two weeks away from his 28th birthday.