Tom Brady Reacts to Aaron Rodgers-Green Bay Packers Drama

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are at battle, and it has become the most talked-about [...]

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are at battle, and it has become the most talked-about story of the NFL offseason. But what does Tom Brady have to say about what's going on in Green Bay? The seven-time Super Bowl champion spoke to USA Today Sports and said Rodgers needs to do what's best for him. Brady also said he can't tell Rodgers what he should do.

"I'm not one to give Aaron advice on certain things like that, Brady said, per The Spun. "I mean, I respect Aaron a lot. Aaron's going to make the choices he feels are best for him. Everyone has different dynamics in their work. Everyone else has different choices. But I have a lot of respect for Aaron and everything he's accomplished in the league."

Brady was in a somewhat similar situation last year. In March, Brady told the New England Patriots that he wasn't returning to the team and signed a deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It turned out to be a good move for Brady as he led the Buccaneers to a Super Bowl win. In fact, Brady and the Buccaneers beat Rodgers and the Packers in the NFC Championship game in January to play in the Super Bowl.

But the biggest difference with Brady's situation is he was a free agent when he told the Patriots he wasn't returning. Rodgers still has three years remaining on his current deal, meaning he would have to be traded to play for another team as cutting him is not an option for the Packers as it would cost them a lot of money.

Based on recent reports, Rodgers is planning to leave the Packers. However, the team has shut down any trade offers from teams. The Packers' goal is to have Rodgers under center this fall, but that has been a challenge as he hasn't attended any OTAs or the team's mandatory minicamp.

"A lot of this was put in motion last year, and the wrench was just kind of thrown into it when I won MVP and played the way I played last year," Rodgers said when talking to Kenny Mayne about the issues he has with the Packers. "This is just kind of, I think, a spill-out of all that. But it is about the people, and that's the most important thing. Green Bay has always been about the people."